Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package


If you’re not ranked top of Google in the category of what you sell, you might be losing tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

Almost 80% of websites are not optimized so cannot be found by customers nor highly ranked by search engines.


Our site- top 1.4% of all sites worldwide!

The service that measures websites worldwide is Alexa. Our site ranks in the top because we have the experts and bring you the experience on what works (and what doesn’t).

Drive traffic to your site to increase sales through this unique SEO package that combines search engine optimization techniques with high level internet marketing strategies to convert visitors into purchasers.


Don’t be fooled by “website designers” who haven’t achieved #1 status on Google for clients to be found in a ‘category’ search, NOT by your name. Anyone can get #1 in a name search! You should be found for your category. Search “Marketing & Communications Consultant” to find our site top of Google, as an example.

Take a look at our article on how SEO works so you can make a great, informed decision about your SEO team.


Most web designers don’t have the training in SEO (search engine optimization) so call us for an evaluation before you spend your cash. We’re all about helping people get great results for fair pricing: after all, “Knowledge is Bliss”.

This SEO service has achieved ranking for several companies and products becoming #1 on Google and other search engines.







Please call 510-879-7600 or email us with your website address for an evaluation & to schedule this service.

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