Make Your Website Work For You. (You Work Hard Enough!)

“Make Your Website Work For You” (You Work Hard Enough!)

The most valuable asset in today’s world?


Spending hours of time driving social media viewers to your site or blog is great to build traffic, yet many service businesses are still using their website primarily as a brochure instead of time saver or money-earner.

Convert Looky Lu’s to Purchasers

Allowing visitors who need your help to obtain that and purchase it is called “conversion”. But you probably knew that. To “convert” or make sales for a professional service company,  you need time to actually connect with people to ensure you can help them, right?

Here are 7 super simple tips to get that site working and sweating as hard as you!

Put your prices online. Don’t make your visitors ask. You remember the old adage, “If you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it”? It’s likely that many of your site visitors are thinking the same thing. So make it easy for them. If you’re worried about your competition finding out your pricing, you’re probably not confident in what you’re offering and whether it’s a fair price. Sales can increase 20-30% once companies finally let go of resistance and adopt this tactic.

Set auto-responders to email people who are inquiring about your services or products. Let prospects know you want to set up an appointment, and describe your services and answer their questions quickly. Deliver your product into their hands as soon as humanly possible. Almost all web hosts allow you to set up 25-100 auto responders. If you don’t know how, call your host [or call us, and we’ll handle this for you. We have some methods for personalizing this so it’s not sp.mmm].

Provide detailed descriptions of how your services work. If your site can “answer” the 5-10 most common questions people ask before purchasing your service, you’ll keep them on your site longer. That helps your SEO, as well as your readers. If you clearly show the value they’ll receive, your sales are most likely to increase.


Put your forms online. Save time and simplify your business by adding your forms to your site or password protected page on your blog. Include  sales agreements, promotional coupons, estimates, contracts, intake forms, rewards, or similar.

Create password protected pages on your website for operations. With staff, assistants, or vendors working outside your office, you can save time emailing and improve internal communications/operations by adding these items to a protected pages on your site or blog:

  • policies,
  • commonly shared photos, charts or graphics,
  • media prep talking points,
  • sales documents or estimate calculators,
  • tutorials or instructional pieces,
  • price quotes or calculators,
  • product specs,
  • client contact information,
  • or other items that make your business function effectively.

Add incentives, assessments, quizzes, evaluations or rewards. This allows you to collect information when it’s convenient for your clients, and saves all that “gee, I never got your email” time. Be sure to offer an incentive to capture your site visitors’ information, too, in order to build your mailing list. A large list means a larger potential client base, and larger revenues.


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