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internet strategy iconYour Digital Marketing Should Work Hard to Build Business & Save You Time!


There are many ways to handle outreach and promotion. Depending on your business and market, we often mix a bit of digital and traditional for stronger marketing - or to build business faster.

We'll help you choose the right tact to reach your goals:

          • websites
          • blogs
          • social media
          • social ads
          • content and editorial 
          • shopping carts
          • database integration
          • more  . . .



You may not like the look of a certain website, but that doesn't mean it's not building business or working to save time for that company! 

Web "Designers" don't provide the internet marketing strategy for your business. That's why our services provide a Marketing Consultant directing each project - not just cute websites, but rather entire integrated internet services that build branding and business!


The Difference is Value

Every day we see websites that are built completely wrong by well meaning designers.Those sites just can't get found (or ranked) by Google, or discovered by the people who need what you offer. They don't have the tools to convert visitors into clients. We've built and advised websites that hold #1 or first page Google ranking for years (sometimes decades).


Top 1.4% of All Websites Worldwide

Because our site has been ranked in the top 1.4% of Alexa (ranking of all sites worldwide), we have proven techniques to improve your site  to get found, for your visitors to make purchases, and to better integrate with your social media efforts.

More importantly, these sites are making sales!


Our agency's expert teams offer a complete range of services:


1. Strengthen Digital Marketing

Find out how to make improvements to your website to convert viewers to take action, to make purchases of your products or services, to get ranked on Google, and strengthen your website's design, programming, SEO, navigation, content or purpose.

We'll show  you how your site can save you time by doing some of your work for you!

“Allison Bliss used a combination of intuitive insight and linear reasoning – along with a great aesthetic eye – to help us launch a dynamite website that is both informational, fun, and provides a call to action.”  – Chip Conley, Joie de Vivre Hotels & Peak Organizations

2. Create Videos to improve your SEO (ranking on Google):

  • Demo products or services;
  • Promote your organization or company with commercials - or streaming video for events;
  • Tell powerful stories, share case studies; and more! (see a few samples)

3. Social Media Influences All Marketing

Get Business From Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

We'll consult with  you so you'll learn the proven techniques that  actually build clientele, not just tweet away time in a meaningless fashion.

Don't have time to learn?  We'll handle it for you with our Follow Your Bliss: Social Media Management Program.

Choose from a range of services to Ramp Up Your Marketing With Social Media to fit your time or budget.

Or you can view our video on Earning Money with Social Media 


4. Website & Blog Development

This service includes a blog with your website design or redesign! Build or redevelop a website choosing from over 1,000 design options, (custom options offered additionally) creating pages you can update, or make improvements to an existing website to help it's purpose, function, look or find-ability on Google. What you'll get . . .

Or have us create a custom website with everything you want at custom pricing. 


image from Marketing Experiments webWhy blog?

To drive more traffic to your site! That's how you get more business.

From Entrepreneur Magazine reports that "companies that blog get 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434%  more indexed pages than companies that don’t blog".

This chart on the left (borrowed from "marketing experiments") shows how your blog connects your company to your various communities and social media contacts.


It's your hub for outreach or sharing information with those who need your help.


5. Content Development, Design, Programming

Customized Services include copywriting, articles, web or blog content. Prices are estimated for each project.

Or let us conduct a professional interview so you can share insight into your business. We'll deliver to  you a sound file to easily add the interview as content to your blog or website. This allows site visitors and the media to get a better sense of you, your business and unique merits.

Webinars: Production & Promotion,  For Passive Income Sales on Your Website. [Only for existing clients upon special request. ]


6. Search Engine Optimization (Getting Top of Google)

Learn the critically important information about SEO to get your site more highly ranked on Google's top page before hiring an optimizer. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The Full Service - For websites not climbing to the top of Google, this full service package defines accurate keywords, an internet marketing consultation, programming and content recommendations to improve web ranking. What You'll Get . . .

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