Social Media Management

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"Results? Yes, we get them!"

That's the difference between our Social Media Services and others.


Follow Your Bliss: Social Media Management

The value of social media is not from blasting out messages. It’s about engaging "friends" or "fans" to bring leads to your company.

Our full service package offers high-level, strategic marketing that integrates social media with the rest of your marketing. This is not a service offering some low-level posts that you’d expect from a virtual assistant!

Our social media experts consume social media trends & tactics for breakfast!


What You'll Get

Complete  Social Media Management Service- Three (3) Month Campaign.


You'll get sweet comfort knowing your social media is professionally handled! 


Total Cost: $650/month; three month minimum

(Yes, we offer additional  design, strategic consulting, and optimized page set up as optional add-ons, if needed.)



To ensure we can deliver, we'll give you a free assessment of your Facebook page, first! You'll know how to improve your results on social media and we'll know if customization is required for your unique needs or goals. Take a look at some Results from our Expert Teams.


Compare the qualifications of a full service marketing agency managing social media vs.  others who don't grasp the bigger marketing perspective. 



sign up by contacting us for your free assessment first!

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Take a breath. It’s Total Bliss.


$650/mo. - Total Social Media Management Services.


Not ready for a full service package.  Try our other social media options to get started or gain strategies to master your own social media.



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