Kinesthetic Marketing

Any business that’s really trying hard enough tends to develop these common issues at some point:

  • employees not living up to expectations,
  • revenue streams dwindling,
  • operational lack of efficiencies in specific areas,
  • slowdown in productivity or teams tangling in red tape,
  • or just those things that drive business owners cuckoo at different times during the company’s growth.

We’ve discovered that when one is walking, creative  ideas just unfold faster. We’ve developed a methodology for getting business issues solved in a one hour walk, guaranteed! For details and brain research proving our theory, take a look at :”Walk with Bliss: Idea Lab Walks” page.

August 2011: Featured Client: Kerry Hargraves

Kerry Hargraves is one of those rare talents equally gifted in art, writing, crafts, sign-making, and garden ornamentation with a spirit just spilling over with joy.

Yet, like many supa-talents, Kerry has a tough quest: helping business people use play at work!

In a world (and economy) encouraging workaholism, it’s a desperately needed service.

Kerry participated in our Walk with Bliss: Idea Lab Walk to gain some ideas of bringing her mission to reality, profitably. Wonder what her experience was? Take a look at our Facebook page: to find her comment:

“ . .  Finally took [Allison’s idea lab walk] last week and it may turn out to be one of most the pivotal hours of my professional life. No joke!!”

Look what Kerry created this week – “5 minute meditations”. Oh yes, there’s more to come. Contact Kerry to find out.


If you’re not in the Bay Area, you’ll be unable to get our visionary walks, for now! But you can still take a walk yourself to test this kinetic experience to get a sense of how much easier it is to solve problems while moving.


For those Bay Area businesses who want powerful consultative guidance, details on our Walks With Bliss are here and you just need to call to book a time:


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