“Let me count the ways I valued consultations from Allison Bliss Consulting: 1) The pre-session homework was sobering and thoughtful.  It helped me focus.  It got me in a receptive, let’s-get-to-it consciousness for the sessions. 2) Allison’s gracious manner throughout made me feel at ease, valued, and receptive. 3) Her careful reading of what I had sent helped cut to the essence of my issues, needs and possibilities. 4) The editing she had performed on my spiritual business plan flyer moved it forward faster.  5) Everything she did made me cut to the chase of the issue of self-worth, which led to being clearer about the worth I offer, and creating a worthwhile flyer. 6) Her willingness to go beyond the time was an extra gracious gift.    7) Her unflinching willingness to say the truth as she sees it was quite valuable.  Thanks especially for that.”   – Pat Sullivan, Visionary Resources

Visionary Resources