Walking & the Fear Response

My experience taking CEO’S and business leaders on guided consulting walks is that recommendations on how to acheive results happens more quickly than in an office. It’s not just endorphins or being in nature- or the same advise I offer from my years of experience, either.

I’ve long suspected it had something to do with our peripheral vision triggering a part of our brain that “allows for change” as we “move forward” while walking at the speed of human (5 mis. per hour). In my “walks with bliss”, I’ve seen people absorbing and processing suggestions for change, while overcoming the usual resistance to adopting change that they experience while sitting.

While walking our peripheral vision is experiencing a sensation of watching scenes change in a movie. There is something I suspect we don’t yet know about peripheral rods and cones triggering the brain. You may have experienced trying to see certain stars while in the Southern Hemisphere that are only seen through your peripheral vision, but if you look straight at the star you cannot see it. I think there’s a parallel to brain activity.

While I’ve not found any neuroscientist or psychologist who can prove my theory (yet), I ran into this post by accident on Facebook. It makes complete sense to me and I feel it’s a clever precursor to my theory.

FROM ALICE NICHOLLS POST ON RESEARCH BY DR. HUBERMAN (below). Also take a look at the clever overview video on that post!!


**5 mph – walking at speed of human. More brain research on walking here.


note: This research appears to come from Dr. Andrew Huberman, Stanford University, Huberman Lab. Attribution is under request (3/31/23)

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