Step 3: Find More Time & Money in Your Business

****This is step 3 from our 5-step action list. The rest of the steps are below. STEP 3. DON’T BE A LONE WOLF. Many small business CEO’s, solopreneurs, professional services (trainers, consultants, therapists, doctors, etc.) try to handle all aspects of the business themselves. This actually … READ FULL POST

How Marketing Database Enables More Time & Profits; Exactly What to Track!

It’s Hard Enough Being an Entrepreneur. Here’s a way to simplify it!

A database allows you to make smarter decisions! It’s a critical marketing tool that helps you find, sort, track & measure what’s working and what’s not. Once you know what works, you can earn more profits!

Already have a database?
This article includes exact fields to set up to ensure you’re getting accurate marketing measurements.

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The Fear of Marketing? A Marketing & Communications Agency View

article looks at social media’s influence on the “fear” of marketing, what has changed, and cautionary information from marketing & communications experts viewpoints.