How I made $420K from my website

It’s true. I really did. I’ll tell you how below.

I know you’ll be suspicious of this. You should!! That is exactly why I’m posting this. I want entrepreneurs and CEO’s to get the deeper truth.

As entrepreneurs, we like to find things out ourselves – even if it’s the hard way!

It’s hard to resist sales folk who claim their one method or tool is the fast, easy answer for every budding entrepreneur or smart CEO. It’s just not true. If you dig a bit deeper you’ll usually find what they’re not telling you. I’ll explain below.


Yes, my website actually netted me a client that paid me $420K – but the full truth is this:

I’d already laid my marketing foundation creating a unique set of services based on my background in film/television/video, building several businesses, hand-selecting talented teams of specialists, developing efficient operations to keep pricing reasonable, targeting distribution & positioning, outreach, social media & SEO testing on my website, before that $420K client found me.

That’s why I’ve made it my company’s mission to help other entrepreneurs – large & small – pinpoint the right strategy early in development so they could avoid the years of time and thousands of dollars of cost.


Just one example:

A few years ago when teleclasses/conferences were all the rage, I had friends who decided to pay hefty price tags to hold their own teleconference. They  sold their “platform and method” by a person claiming earnings over $50,000 on their own teleconferences.

This is what they didn’t tell my friends. . .

They didn’t explain the foundation costs of the phone system, database tracking, website landing pages with shopping carts, admin to set up tech, monitor the conference, vast months long promotion and massive follow up required to convert attendees to purchasers. That’s only part of it.

Second, it wasn’t the teleconference alone that built the salesperson’s income. Yes, they made good earnings, but they already had a mailing list of over 10,000 likely candidates compiled from dozens of national speaking engagements and piles of publicity, product distribution through a hefty website that cost thousands of dollars and years or decades of work.

I’ve interviewed several of these folks to get the hidden details because I’m always interested in the truth.


When people tell you they get all their work by referral, ask what they did to get started. You’ll likely find answers similar to the example above.


Whether teleconference or website or social media or TV ads, the same truths exist:

“Marketing & Communications need tailored strategies to fit a company’s resources, purpose and goals.” Don’t be fooled!  It’s not just promo tactics like cute branding, blasting social media, webinars or publicity tactics that aren’t sustainable. That’s not the extent of marketing- it’s about integration into your entire business.

So, don’t be fooled. Be wise. Ignorance is expensive. Knowledge is Bliss!

If you seek marketing that gets you further faster, and is tailored to your exact type of business, time, resources, and goals, let us bring some clarity and truth. Contact us for a free 15 minute evaluation.




How I made $420K from my website — 2 Comments

  1. Great post, and so true! The kind of foundational work is hard. What I find is that small businesses often fail to ask themselves basic yet essential questions (What’s my market position, what’s my message, what market am I trying to reach, who is my competitor set, etc. etc.)without which you should not even begin to invest in the hardware or even your website! A savvy marketing consultant helps build your map. I learned that from a savvy marketing consultant with the initials “AB”!

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