Treadmill Desks

If you can’t take our facilitated group business “Walks with Bliss” or individual business consultation “Walks with Bliss” or live in a state with very inclement weather, here are some great resources we love for healthful,¬†creativity enhancing walking at work. After all, 1/3 of our … READ FULL POST

Walking Clinics For Health, Visionary Ideas, and Stress Reduction at Work

walking clinics offer fun, safe techniques for strengthening, increasing endurance, and visionary idea building you can bring to your workplace.


Evolution of Consulting Idea Lab Walks

The Genesis- Walking for business:   How did the idea evolve to enable CEO’s and business owners to get further faster in walking idea lab consultations? Through wooded paths, beaches or lakes, Allison honed this methodology for decades. Starting as casual, after-work walks, Allison guided … READ FULL POST