Walking Clinics For Health, Visionary Ideas, and Stress Reduction at Work


Not Just for Athletes!

Walking is a low impact, easy, endorphin-enhancing “feel good” method for exercise and stress release. Practically everyone admits they get their best ideas walking – and there’s plenty of research to back that up.


Of Course You Know How to Walk! (Or do you?)

Injuries, postural stagnation from sitting at computers or meetings most of the work day and stress can hold pain in your body.

This stagnation breeds ill health and limited creative thinking. Walking juices endorphins, massages internal organs, stimulates the brain and is a freely accessible exercise.

These clinics offer tested techniques to keep you strong and safe –  and give you ideas on bringing the benefits of walking for health and to your workplace.


Techniques to Melt Knee & Back Pain

_MG_5661Clinics are particularly focused on techniques for people with knee or back pain. Tips to avoid or remove pain will be practiced (at each individual’s comfort level) with the goal of adding walks back into a daily exercise routine.

Even healthy, non-injured athletes have benefited from these clinics learning injury prevention and techniques for heart-pounding workouts!

Allison’s own knee and back surgery from injuries led her to study a breadth of therapeutic techniques** which she brings to this non-competitive, simple and fun 2 hour clinic. She launched these walking clinics for groups or individuals to help others with similarly compromised physical issues to incorporate comfortable and safe techniques into walking.  [clinics are not a substitute for physical therapy or medical diagnosis, though!]

**Walking clinics assemble technique training from 4 decades of study in these specialty areas which are demonstrated and practiced in these 2-hour clinics:

  • physical therapy,
  • pilates,
  • tai chi,
  • yoga & breathwork,
  • excercise physiology & body mechanics,
  • walking & race trainers,
  • injury remediation,
  • strength trainers, and
  • stress reduction/ visioning trainers



not yet scheduled: email Allison to suggest a date!

location: near Jack London Square, Oakland

cost: $10


details are forthcoming.

For now, you can reserve your spot by sending a request at registration button below.

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What Do Walkers Experience?

Joie learns knee pain-melting techniques. “It’s fun!”

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Walkers share their experiences and review a night walking clinic. 




A Feel Good Experience

Did you know that walking enhances brain function and actually makes you smarter! These studies from Harvard and neuroscience institutes explain how.

We’ll incorporate Partner & Group Discussion of healthy tips and ideas for maintaining reduced stress environment at work are incorporated, as time permits. Plus you get to walk with some fun people and make some good connections.

Stretches are demonstrated for a  “feel-good” experience, and for injury prevention.


Cost for Walking Clinics

 $10 per person for individuals. Costs for organization-sponsored groups depends on number of participants and location. Simply contact Allison for an estimate.


Clinic Walking Leader, Allison Bliss

Allison Bliss has been using walking in her work for over 30 years. Starting with on-location walks of 20+ miles a day in her film career, Allison also trained in exercise physiology after a serious back injury resulted in surgery ending her film & TV career.

Her full recovery inspired her contribution to a film production on exercise training for proper, safe body mechanics. The film’s host and star was Arnold Schwartzenegger’s trainer, Bill Pearl, from whom Allison learned body mechanic techniques she still practices and teaches in these clinics.

Allison shares these tips and techniques in this walking clinic to help others maintain or achieve improved health.

She dreams of future where we can walk at work, rather than sit at desks or strain in front of computers – and she shares a few methods she uses to gain movement while working. Improved mobile devices and “treadmill desks” along with Allison’s anecdotal experiences from business clients’ success are proving the viability of these goals.



Allison’s “Walks With Bliss” enable her business clients to (literally and figuratively) move through issues in their business-consulting sessions with a purpose of being led through far more creative and revelatory business answers.


Allison is the Director of a business and marketing agency offering a full range of services and experts that support growing companies. Costs for her business consulting “Walks With Bliss: idea lab walks” are $300 for one hour walks, and $2850 for facilitated group walks.



Allison Bliss  510-879-7600      abliss@allisonbliss.com               


bring walks to your colleagues, team, staff, managers, co-workers or friends for a healthier, happier body, mind and workplace! 




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