Walking: The New Washington Power Struggle

washington post masthead

Sharing an article from the Washington Post on politicians competing to get the most steps. I find it encouraging that even our top politicos are finding ways to incorporate walking into their work.

rotunda washington dcThe article quips;  “[Rep. John] Boehner’s staff even holds meetings in the Capitol Rotunda while walking in circles, which is not meant to be a metaphor for Washington politics.. . . Something healthy and bipartisan to compete over: the number of steps they walk each day. In the era of political gridlock, at least they’re trying to move physically.

While happy our political leaders are improving health, the competition directly opposes the deeper benefit of walking: to be mindful, reduce stress, gain creativity and have fun while getting a bit of mental and physical exercise.

This chart from the article gives a comparison of jawbone – a fitbit-type tracking tool. Surprised we’re only #4 in San Francisco but expect that’s because they’re not measuring Fitbit , the Apple Watch, or other step apps in this survey!

washington post chart on steps walking



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