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time time timeEnacting our New Year’s resolutions to build business requires discipline, resources, and especially the knowledge about what tactics work during specific times of the year. Here’s a tip in my recent blog on the best time of the year to reach new clients. May this bring you more success than you’d ever imagined!


Google Alerts
Most of us probably have our Google alerts set for topics we need to monitor for our clients, right? Mine have been set for years: I track “marketing” and “optimizing” to ensure I am up to date on news and recent developments. Yet recently, a colleague pointed out to me something so obvious that I had one of those “Sheesh, why didn’t I think of that?!” moments: I could create an alert for my name.

Within three weeks, I discovered all kinds of people writing about me and quoting me, and learned that a San Francisco Chronicle reporter was actually citing me on the topic of marketing for her article. I’d never even known that article had been published after they’d interviewed me! I also discovered that some people had misinformation about my company. But since I’d seen what they’d published online about our agency, I was able to correct the errors.

You can do this too. Go to: and under “search term,” type in your name (or company name). You can set as many alerts as you wish. And yes, it’s free.


Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 1 Hour in Your PJs
If you’re still not sure what you need to fix on your website to help you get top-ranked (at the top of Google, Yahoo!, other search engines), or best tactics for Internet marketing, and how to integrate that with your existing marketing, you can now learn from our comprehensive SEO article. Best of all, you can do it at home, on your own time, in your PJs!


Featured Client
Our clients’ success is our joy. Take a look at T&K Images’ new website: They’re starting to sell their fabulous eco images online, they’ve begun to put some of their SEO learning into their new web design and programming, and they’re still surviving despite the current economic downturn. We applaud them and their educational mission: “Appreciation of nature leads to preservation.” Keep up the great work, Teresa & Keith!

What value does this company get from our coaching service?
“Your ideas are incredible! Our business has improved so much from your ideas! Your enthusiasm and positive words and energy are very wonderful too. Your ideas help us improve EVERYTHING!”- Teresa, T&K Images


How to Build an E-news Campaign
In this economy, to keep business coming in your door, you really need to remain at the top of your potential clients’ minds. Here’s our special report to guide you and give you some tips and valuable resources: “11 STEPS TO BUILD E-NEWS CAMPAIGNS”


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