Let Me Share a Secret

Most successful small companies will tell you all their business comes from word of mouth referrals or social media.

But if you look deeper, you’ll find that is not true, except in very unusual situations.

In fact, my work with hundreds of businesses revealed that they’d already laid a solid marketing foundation. It’s just easier to tell you
that referrals are their only tactic.

It’s sad to me knowing that so many smart, hard-working business owners actually believe that social media or ads will drive all the
referrals they need.

Don’t be fooled!

Social media is deceptively simple because it’s only a fraction of the marketing and business strategy foundation to build revenue.
Without course correction, your business may be missing:


  • Correct price points for your market,


  • Outreach to those who really need your offerings,


  • Clear, understandable product or service descriptions while positioning yourself against competitors,


  • Finding opportunities to build partnerships or channels where your offerings can be discovered.

Promotion alone (social media, websites, ads, etc.) is a foundation with a big fault line.

Most businesses have fallen through at some point (yes, mine included!) because it appears to be the easy (or lazy) way to
believe you’re building market share. But if you actually measure results, you’ll find the truth so you can build revenue and income.

Developing the perspective for one’s own business is like doing brain surgery on yourself: Nearly impossible.

thorn in skin julius drost photo credit
It may be painful to pull out that truth thorn in your arm, but if you want to heal it’s helpful to get the correct diagnosis, prescription and support. That’s exactly what we do for companies. Evaluating and fixing your marketing can save you years of time and thousands of dollars. Don't take our word for it. Look at claims from our clients. 

Start by listing the groups of people to whom you outreach.  Is it too broad? If so, you'll spend far more time and money getting "known" to that group to close sales.


Does your outreach list not include those who need exactly what you offer? And how will you know if you're not meeting them in person? Hiding behind ads and social media is a common "diagnosis" for that issue.

Ask your colleagues (not friends) to explain what you do. If they don’t know, you may need to clarify your descriptions. Like our company, you may need different descriptions for various markets. As an example, our company serves large organizations who need expertise in special areas that they don’t have the skill or staff to handle. Sometimes they just need to supplement staff with our event production, producing or directing videos, writing specialized materials, or similar. For small companies, we are the most highly experienced and reasonably-priced marketing company with a full service team of experts in the Bay Area. 

If it’s time to build strength on the parts of your business that are thorny - or missing entirely - give us a call for a quick (free) evaluation. You might be surprised at how easy it is to put soothing salve on that puncture wound. Knowledge is Bliss.

deborah welch photo from her site"I can see how I will easily double my revenues this year & leverage my strengths. I am amazed by all that has happened since I began to work with Allison’s company. She provides a powerful kind of support ."- Deborah Welch, Ph.D., Principle, Reflective Leadership Associates



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