Lighting & Shadows, Inc. – Film/TV Lighting Sales and Rental 

Allison co-founded, served on the Board of Directors and functioned as Marketing Director developing, creating and implementing strategic marketing planning, advertising and promotions for this start-up company, a lighting sales/rental/service company for film, television and corporate clients.

Working with the President, she established the corporate branding, defined the company’s image and positioning, developed and wrote press materials, sales materials, technical brochures, collaterals, and developed all publicity resulting in many published articles, all before the advent of blogging and social media.

Her contributions included negotiating vendor contracts, supervising budgets, creating the editorial and advertising calendar, and coordination with sales to meet company goals.

Allison created and produced seminars and special events on the art of lighting, resulting in winning the prestigious "Board of Directors Award" for the company which was bestowed by the American Society of Lighting Directors. Allison successfully helped build the company’s profitability resulting in its sale after only 5 years.

“Allison’s marketing direction brought us business and name recognition for years, guiding our company through strategies for marketing our company’s service, rentals, and sales in ways that made us a competitive, well-respected and profitable company. As a member of our Board, she was also instrumental in helping us win one of our crowning achievements, the Board of Directors Award.” – Phil Hall, General Manager, Lighting & Shadows, Inc.

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