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“The Blissful Wisdom Ebook” ($29.99 value) includes Knowledge is Bliss marketing tips & updates, as a bonus.

This 7 page ebook delivers a top-level marketing overview so you’ll really understand how marketing works.


BONUS GIFT: Practical action steps you can do yourself with links to many free and helpful resources to save you time! Our periodic free marketing tips updates you with the latest critical knowledge, tools or resources for growing businesses. 

You’ll get step-by-step tips to:

√ Prioritize Your Marketing to Start Increasing Revenue NOW!

 Build a Massive Outreach List to Increase Sales

√ Get Booked as a PAID Presenter (one of the fastest ways to increase your clientele!)

…PLUS, the missing ingredient in your marketing that costing you big bucks.

 Discover the wisdom the experts use to actually get results!



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“You’ve been an extremely valuable member of our team since the first day you walked through the door. Your marketing suggestions have helped shape our campaign, from the language we use in our materials to the way we approach our clients. And while we’re experienced marketers, we’ve learned a lot about closing a sale from you…your ability to understand our products and goals quickly, along with a real facility for establishing rapport with our clients demonstrates your clear professionalism…our sales success is very high…you’ve not only contributed a sense of humor and an optimistic outlook, but have been a major motivator for us as well.”  –  Lynn Broadwell, Publisher, Here Comes the Guide