Knowledge is Bliss: Positioning with Clarity


“Clarify Your Branding. Discover Your Deeper Value to Clients.”



When you know the deeper value you bring to your clients, you’ll know exactly what to promote to attract top level clients. 

We just handle it for you.


This primary market research package affords you deeper insight into your market with this option of a larger sample group of interviews and assessment scope.

Don’t need such a comprehensive investigation? Take a look at our Knowledge is Bliss: Positioning Package. 

What You’ll Get in this Extended Postioning with Clarity Package: 


  • Business assessment to determine strengths & challenges
  • Evaluation for differentiating your company from competitors (positioning)
  • In-Depth interviews with sampling of 12 clients
  • Market research summary for your industry – trends & opportunities
  • Written transcripts – includes approximately 20-30 pages of testimonials
  • A final report with 5 recommended positioning messages
  • A debrief meeting offering any recommendations for sales or operational improvements learned from these interviews


Samples & Benefits

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