Marketing Action Plan with Hands-on Help: How It Works

Why start with a plan? If you have advice based on years of experience you’ll just

save vast time & cost.

You’ll know what actions to take to grow your revenues to fit your specific goals and resources.

You fill out a detailed assessment.

We then conduct a business/marketing analysis to develop tactical actions into a one year plan.

We have a full 2-hour phone or zoom meeting to discuss the prepared marketing action plan.

We'll provide resources if needed, make adjustments to fit changes to your timeline or budget, and decide how you wish to use your additional (included) hands-on help.


As we review your plan, you get to choose 2 more get-it-done sessions for additional support.




Voila! Launch, Water & Grow.

You get unlimited anytime minutes for quick email questions, if they arise while you launch your new action plan.


If you need additional services, we've packaged up several common ones to help clients manage costs. Naturally, we tailor support to your exact needs.