Website Design Extras!


Time & Cost: The Value of a Full-Service Marketing Agency


With a full service marketing agency, you’ll have access to our graphic designers, writers, SEO specialists, programmers or other services if needed to support your website, saving you time and cost while having all your marketing managed under one roof.

Need Customized Web Design?

Our expert teams can also create custom design, complex backend customized databases if you have those requirements for your site. Costs generally range $20,000-$30,000 for those sites.

If you need to match a very specific design or look, incorporate flash programming, animation,  QR codes, sophisticated shopping cart menus, or other media, we can provide a customized estimate.  We’ve seen it all over the years and have teams to create the best internet marketing, website design, programming  and blog for your exact needs and budget.


A Few Sample Designs

Our design & programming teams can create just about any design style or functionality you request.

We recommend this optimal web & blog development for those who wish mobile friendly, affordable, smart, easy to navigate, functional, self-managed and beautiful websites.  Take a look at a few samples and let us know exactly what you’re seeking. We’ll let you know if we can design it for you.

Our Effective Websites: What You’ll Get

Our $2900 web & blog package provides over 1,000 design options.

We’ll create a 5-page website (such as: home, contact, services/products, blog, or your choice of page content)  built on a platform allowing text, color, image, video or link changes or future additions. You can add as many pages as you like once your site is built. We’ll even teach you how!


Additional choices & options, as add-ons to our standard website and blog package if you need them:

  • Tools for promoting your social media sites
  • SEO Analytics tools to help your Google ranking
  • Anti- spam filters
  • Calendars
  • Ecommerce functions
  • ‘Translating’ your site for Mobile Users

There are literally hundreds of options depending on the purpose of your website. So, let’s discuss this to find the best tools for your website!



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