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THIS DESIGNED MATERIAL IS IN PRINT, NOT ONLINE (for various reasons). This is for content sampling only. OUR PORTFOLIO with many more (print) materials and hundreds more content examples can be viewed upon request. 


Brand & Content Samples

UCSF Asthma Research Brochure

The purpose was to have a non-threatening piece to hand out to patients they recruited for medical studies. All text had to fit strict compliance rules, while compelling patients to participate. Individual inserts were produced for changing sets of studies. 

          back side                 front side


inside text




Wallace Remodeling

This remodel company was adding architectural services to the firm and needed a more elegant, upscale image and profile incorporating new services. 
















Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

This company began as a general dentistry practice by Dr. Bellen, later launching the aesthetic services. This required explanation as well as improved image building from the general practice. These were printed on metallic paper with metallic ink (which is why the text is a bit hard to read digitally, not in print). 


  Inside front and back flaps of brochure


inside front cover flap

inside back cover flaps

back cover


The North Bay Council 

This organization wanted to increase membership to have more strength to further influence improvements needed by Marin companies such as better transportation corridor options, child care facilities for workers and more. Because membership cost was six figures, I suggested we use existing members experiences to explain the value to potential new members. After interviewing key stakeholder members, I developed content for this brochure to inform members, politicians, media, and the public.


shows 2+inside angled panels of brochure (12 panels total front and back)



Start Up Right

After defining a marketing plan, I directed my team created and wrote a sales brochure to include information about services, pricing, and profiles of the owners. 

Additionally, for Start Up Right, I created a promotional campaign that included a series of 4 humorous postcards to capture the attention of a younger CEO market, with an un-business-like design. The goal was to drive potential clients to the website, and present a memorable "branding" that helped the team close sales.

front side                   back side


Content Samples

Start Up Right

Start up right was founded during the dot com explosion. They are no longer in business, wisely shuttering during the dot com bust years later to form new companies. 



Inside Sales Kit Materials


Resource Management Services

You launch your product while we launch your business!

So. . . you’ve established your business model to support your vision—and it is going to rock the world. You’ve delivered your business plan to the investors. Now you are ready to take action!

Soon you will need to move into a bigger space. In fact, you are going to need a lot of things. How would you rather spend your time—setting up your new space or launching your product?

Bottom line, Start Up Right.com saves you time and money. We’ve already spent thousands of hours qualifying the best vendors and know what it takes to make this all happen as smoothly as possible.


Start Up Right.com is the premiere Resource Management Services company providing our expertise and resources to manage your business set-up.

Start Up Right.com supports rapidly growing start-ups and emerging growth companies expand the RIGHT way. Our meticulous planning, time and budget management, identification of mission-critical business purchases, and the careful qualification of vendors and Project Managers ensure the successful implementation of your business operations.


Let us count the ways. . . For example, do you know:

• Who the best realtors, architects, and contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area are?
• Where to find office furniture and supply companies that will meet your space and organizational needs?
• Where to find hardware, software, network, ISP, and telecommunication providers to ensure quality communication between you and your customers?
• How to go about securing insurance or how many different types of insurance you will need to protect yourself and your employees?
• How to effectively attract, screen, interview, and secure talented staff?
• Who to contact for coffee, vending, janitorial, or security services?
• How to set up a precise filing system to manage all of your critical documentation?

We do!

Let us help you get your operation off the ground so that you are free to direct your attention, creative energy, and business acumen where they belong–getting your product or service to market.


While you go about your business, we go about ours—setting up the physical and operational infrastructure to support the success of your business.

All Start Up Right.com services are tailored specifically to your company's needs and include:

1. An in-depth needs assessment detailing the zillions of items you may or may not have considered

2. The selection, coordination and management of:

Real Estate
Software & Hardware

Administrative Systems
Employee Benefits
& 401k’s
Policies & Procedures
Filing Systems

Information Flow Financial Systems
Vendor Relationships
Legal Resources
Accounting Resources
Launch Events
Banking & Financial Resources
These options are available “a la carte” or we’ll do it all. You only pay for what you need.

3. Ongoing support as your company grows


The success that Start Up Right.com brings to its clients is largely attributable to the vision of the company’s two principals, Debbie Kanner and Sandy Minella. Having helped many, many companies establish their business systems, both Debbie and Sandy have extensive experience in operational processes and procedures and in securing resources for start-ups and fast-growth firms. More importantly, Debbie and Sandy started, expanded, and sold their own businesses, enabling them to bring personal insight, firsthand experience, a passion for start-ups, and a deep understanding of business needs to their clients.

Visit our website at www.startupright.com.


Article samples





(more samples in print form only, available upon request)


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