“I hired Allison to interview my executive coaching and consulting clients in order to clarify value received from my services and to consider ways my work could be enhanced.

I didn’t want to ask certain questions that might be perceived as self-serving, yet I wanted those questions asked. I believed that my clients may not be as candid with me-about my services- as they would be with a third person.

Additionally, I didn’t want to burden my busy clients by asking for a written testimonial.

It wasn’t easy to find someone I trusted enough for this delicate task. But Allison’s experience and comfortable manner put me at ease.

She is a skilled interviewer and it was extremely valuable to have a written transcript of the interviews. It was also great to have a closing session with Allison to review the interviews. She made several very important suggestions that included clear strategies for implementation.

This was a totally unexpected benefit from our work. I’m sure her marketing and business development suggestions will nurture the growth of my business and support better service to my clients.”  – Barbara Bouchet, Washington, Contact Point Associates


Contact Point Associates