I got more than I bargained for from Allison Bliss Consulting. She’s inspired many successes for me in 2013 with her advising, encouragement, and her confidence building. From her analysis of our intake session, Allison’s efficient marketing approach afforded me her understanding right from the very start of  my strengths and challenges. She was able to guide me step-by-step through a comprehensive marketing plan with specific and strategic actions to reach my goals. I had clear guidance of where to start and a vast amount of support along the way.

I felt the challenges that initially threatened to engulf me were now manageable.

Simultaneously my website got a ‘facelift’; updated content, some redesign and reorganization directed by Allison and supported by the professionals on her team. Her website support even included a tutorial to teach me how to update my site so I could save heaps of money by not paying programmers to do this.

Because English is my second language, I needed Allison to help me edit. At first there were many changes, but over time she taught me how to communicate more clearly. I trust that she will never mislead me by saying my work is good when it’s not. She’s honest and doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

As my writing improved, so did my self-confidence, to the point that I was able to give public presentations on my topic with content and structure Allison helped me develop and write. Not only did the presentation turn out well, I broke through my inclination to be shy and I actually enjoyed myself! With this level of support, I feel that 2013 is the year I broke through yet another layer. – Varda Wilensky, Certified Classical Homeopath

Homeopathic Practitioner