“If knowledge is bliss, than Allison must surely be the incarnation of Saraswati – the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge. It is difficult to express in words what a gem she is in terms of her insight, intelligence, range of skills, knowledge of marketing, sales, operations and staffing, and her love of entrepreneurship and the arts. Why is her knowledge of arts a plus? Because she brings an artistic sensibility to every facet of her work with individuals and small businesses.

About two years ago, I hired Allison to begin to assist me with my marketing. I have found her to be an invaluable resource ever since. She is so much more than a marketing consultant having a firm grasp of staffing and operational issues, in addition to PR, sales, branding, promotion. She is a creative thinker and understands how to help small businesses do a lot creatively and strategically on a limited budget.

She is also very dedicated and committed to my business’s success. Oftentimes I have required a quick edit or feedback on a marketing letter or copy that I am developing. On many occasions, I have sent her something asking her to turn it around by the next day. Allison frequently has put aside some of her other priorities to respond to my requests for help. It is hard to find such dedication and quality these days.

I have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly and without reservation.” – Gary Muszynski, Creative Catalyst, One World Music (rebranded as Orchestrating Excellence)

One World Music