“When the dotcom crash happened, and our business was severely affected, Allison helped us quickly re-brand ourselves to serve a different market and survive the downturn. And she worked with us in such a fun, non-judgmental way, yet with a calm authority that reassured us that we were getting sound, reliable advice. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and loved the results we got from her work – I can’t recommend her highly enough.

As my business partner and I launched our new business, we needed help bringing our services to market. We thought we would be getting a marketing plan, but we got so much more!

Not only is Allison an outstanding marketing mind who created amazing collateral, a website and a brand for us, but she is an astute business person overall. She listened carefully, asked great questions, and then suggested so many creative ideas to help us establish ourselves as a market leader for our service.

We really liked her approach and style, too. She helped us design different packages to provide our services – ways that we would have never thought of on our own.

Allison and her team regularly thought of different marketing campaigns to keep our name out there with a unique, professional style.”

– Sandy Minella, Co-CEO, Start Up Right

“Allison Bliss Consulting handled all the initial marketing work for my start-up and I can’t say enough about her talents, skills, intuition, integrity, work ethic, smarts and all ‘round “gets it”.

She is so much more than just a marketing person. She is someone who actually cares about the success of your company, and pours her whole heart and soul into doing whatever she can to help you be successful. She is also great at business planning, operations, etc., (not that you have to use her for these, but in my experience, it’s hard to do just marketing if you don’t delve into these areas, as well).

So, after reading what I just wrote, I now feel a little like a walking billboard for Allison – but quite frankly, she is all of that and more.”

 Debbie Kanner, Founding Partner, Start Up Right

Start Up Right