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“I found good value in my pivot walk with Allison. She advised specific tactics for reframing my business to target projects better suited to my skills, and even advised another path for my business using more of the breadth of my experience and abilities. She explained word-for-word specific language & structural changes to use in my promotion (or resume) to captivate attention and position my business for higher earnings."– Renee Bornstein, Technical Writer


Whether you're trying to pivot your business to adapt to our changed world, or just grow your existing business, this consultative walk is designed to bring you answers so you get results!

√  Before the walk: 10 minute phone evaluation session to define the main issues of your business - what's working and what's not - and solution you seek. This assures us both that you'll get a guaranteed answer. 

√  Together we'll choose alocation, time and date.

√ Your One Hour Consultative Walk: In a gentle walk, your consultation will include discussion of your quest, solutions and answers to guide you to action, and follow up resources, if needed.

√ Our Free List of Grants,loans, free resources or other tools and services provided, if needed.

√ Recording: You'll be sent an MP3 file of our recorded walk so you'll have ideas and direction to review, specific action steps to follow, or to share with your staff.

We've brought clients results with these walking consultations  since 2010



Still have questions? Calls welcome! Contact Allison

 only $150/session during Covid  (a $150 savings!) **

**must wear mask and walk six feet apart. It works well because we walk areas with low foot traffic: More confidentiality this way.



"During this coronavirus lockdown, it was super helpful to have Allison's list of resources for grants and loans so my business could survive this downturn. Plus I got a walking consulation at the same time- 6 feet apart and wearing masks for safety.”  - Business Owner, East Bay

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