Branding: Graphic Design, Copywriting

Our teams of designers work through a creative process to build the image and brand for your company.

Hundreds of samples:

We have hundreds of samples so let us know if you wish to see and touch the real thing in our designers' portfolio.


Something to keep in mind: 

We know it's hard to judge a designer based on the style created to fit another company's image. That's why we have designers with a huge range of stylistic capabilities.

You want design that is clean & elegant? Or whimsical? Bold and pioneering? Sweet and soft? Custom Illustrated? Or something else entirely?

That's what our design process uncovers: your unique identity, with the look and feel that fits your preference and works in a variety of media.


van every logo

A great logo tells the story of your business.

Our cadre of top designers create logos in any style - including clean & simple, deep & complex, custom illustration, painterly, period styles or any image that fits your brand.

Our process refines brands for those who don't have one yet. A few sample logos show this range of style to fit the image each unique company wanted to project.




Golden Associates, Landscape Design Firm

We created a stand out concept to develop the company's value amongst competitors by attaching a seed package to 'spread their environmental sustainability' ideas in a uniquely memorable piece. (this shows both sides below). We supervised design, defined primary message positioning, wrote the content and helped translate this to their website to gain maximum value.

Unifying 3 Company Divisions

Superien Brochure Folder: Health Benefits Plan  (Sample Pages)















The Goal?

Unify 3 separate companies with messaging and design for more effective communication to all 3 markets.

We redeveloped an out of date brochure into a full sales kit with an attention-grabbing design and  powerfully compelling messages that helped sales teams better explain the company's value. The goal was to vastly ramp up sales resulting in the eventual lucrative sale of the corporation.







Interplan Health Group Flyer sample

Our goal was to create a family of materials that blended the 3 separate divisions of this company in message and design.

Ameriscript Brochure



We wrote, designed and produced a family of materials including this Ameriscript sales kit with brochure, inserts, CD, maps, a trade show exhibit with marketing materials.

Ads & Posters

collage print ads

Trade Shows

Interplan Health Group health benefit design corporation

Redeveloping the company’s marketing & communications materials, our team conducted market research to define stronger marketing messages which boosted sales significantly. The agency’s writers and designers produced brochures, fliers, ads, trade show exhibits and more for the company's many divisions nationally; Superien, AmeriScript, Emerald Health and Workers Comp.

Purpose: To stand out from the competitor's corporate-looking booths in order to  collect more sales leads.

Challenge: To merge disparate-looking logos of 3 companies (Interplan, Superien and Ameriscript) into a cohesive whole while maintaining the booth's playful & engaging Hawaiian theme on a tight budget.

Results: Exhibit staff collected vastly more leads than any previous exhibiting attempts.

We delivered Concept, Design and Production of a Hawaiian themed exhibit, with  Hawaiian shirts worn by staff, beach balls & props to entice visitors to play in the booth, grass skirted table with sales literature set amongst pails of sand. A Hawaiian trip giveaway was offered in a raffle. Best of all, the exhibit staff had a blast!


"We had the most creative trade show exhibit of anyone at this show. Visitors were asking for the shirts off our back! Both our company President and V.P. of Marketing were so pleased that they got so much attention, especially since the other booths had only around 50 cards in their 'prize drawing' jars while Interplan had an absolutely stuffed jar—around 200 solid leads. Most of the other company's booths were that very formal and droll 'Hewlett-Packard blue' & black, so didn't attract as many people to their exhibit as ours. We so appreciate your concept and design!” Dayle Buchman, Director of Marketing & Sales Support, Interplan Health Group




A Few Other Printed Design Samples

(from just one of our clever Graphic Designers)

Samples are shown just to indicate our designers can create any style that best represents each organization's image, message and range of applications: Website, Packaging, Digital Communications, Social, Print, or any other medium we dream up!  

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