Client Experiences: Website Development

Dear Allison:

Our company, working under a tight deadline and strict budget, needed a flexible website and quality marketing materials for an upcoming campaign. Truth was, we were convinced our demands were unrealistic.

Immediately, upon hearing our project, Allison enthusiastically took up our cause, reassuring us that Allison Bliss Consulting could get the job done. Every step was thoroughly discussed and seamlessly implemented. She created quick copy turnarounds and repeatedly demonstrated her team’s strength, having a first draft of our website in just three days!

Allison guided us by listening carefully, asking thoughtful questions, eliciting key information that frankly, hadn’t occurred to us. She left no detail behind, not just editing, but uncovering, strengthening and factoring in the bigger marketing picture, providing us marketing firm services, much, much more than any web designer.  In hindsight, her guidance enhanced and refined our unique market niche.

To our amazement and delight, Allison Bliss Consulting delivered a finished website and marketing design materials ahead of schedule and exactly to specifications! Our website was built on an exciting platform with the latest innovations like search engine optimization, anti spam filters, site map, search bar and programming features that make it easy to self-manage, saving us thousands of dollars in programming fees. Allison even tied-in expert website maintenance training and sales coaching, all within our budget.


Allison Bliss Consulting more than met our short deadline and provided us ample time and needed expertise to perfect our marketing campaign beyond our wildest expectations while enabling us to do timely website updates. Even better, Allison Bliss Consulting empowered us in creating a succinct message in the sleek, no-frills format we imagined. All these benefits were presented in the utmost efficient, professional and cost-effective manner.

What a pleasant surprise, a firm that truly delivers! You’ve become our go-to marketing experts.


Patrick Fitzgerald, CFP®, Fitzgerald Financial Management



Internet Consulting – a part of building a website

 “I found Allison’s Internet Marketing consultation totally worth the cost and very high value. She’d been highly recommended to me by another marketing professional and exceeded my expectations. She listens and is insightful and articulate. She’s creative in her ideas and solutions and honest in her approach. But more than that, she has a sense which enables her to grasp quickly the uniqueness of a business, its special communication problems. She showed me compelling, practical, reasonable and cost effective solutions which we’ll be implementing soon.” – Michael Blum, Attorney, CEO Appeals Funding Partners




“I was so thrilled to locate Allison Bliss! The web design service she provided not only fit my needs, they were my dream come true! She was able to assist me in designing a beautiful website that reflected the caliber of my services. Not only did she help with text, photo’s and design, she trained me to update my own site when needed! I am thrilled with the results.

I have been self-employed providing Image Consulting services for more than twenty five years. Fifteen years ago a client approached me, insisting I needed a website. At the time I was not prepared to spend 20K for the website I wanted and that reflected the caliber of my services, so I didn’t create one. Over time, on 4 different occasions I embarked on creating a beautiful website. Each time I aborted the project due to exorbitant expenses required to create a site that was up to my standards . . . And then, after that, pay 4K to 6K a year to have it maintained. I had nothing close to those costs on my website created by Allison Bliss Consulting and no maintenance fees, either!” Denise Sims, Image Consultant