Social Media: Nail it!

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Social Media: Nail it!  $300


Frustrated trying to understand how to use social media to develop business?


Here’s Your Answer

Let us help you cut to the chase to learn what works and what doesn’t for your business, so you can nail it!

It’s not just about how many zillion friends are on your page, it’s about how to strategically and properly use social media to build business.

Done right, you can manage your time with social media or all of your marketing activities – the added bonus you’ll learn.


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Purpose & Benefits

  • Learn to make social media actually work to benefit your business.


  • Learn how to build your list and convert “friends” or “fans” into clients.


  • Learn what to say on each social site (it’s different for each one!)


  • Understand the stats and how they can help you target your market(s).


  • Know the types of pages that best fit your purpose:  Personal pages? Company page? Profiles? Videos? Or something else for your business that works more effectively? We’ll sort it out for you.


Start earning money and building business: This 1.5 hour consultation session teaches you the many free techniques to use social media to build business, branding and outreach. 





What if you have Technical issues? We’ll show you how to get answers or provide estimates to handle it for you.


No time? Need extra help?

See our Follow Your Bliss Social Media Management Package.