How to Determine if You Have ADD

time clock in eyeWant to know if you or your friends have ADD, this slide show  from WebMD offers a simple overview of ADD (formerly called ADHD) in adults.

Of course, a Psychologist needs to make an actual diagnosis, but there is plenty of information online to give you a sense of this.

We share this information with people because we believe there are often more positive, adaptive attributes in those with ADD (I.e. genius IQ, visionaries, creative problem solvers, ability to learn quickly, etc.) than just the negative aspects most often reported.


That curiosity is why we are conducting research, with a Psychologist specializing in this area, on walking for ADD. We’ll be guaging the value of the positive with the negative aspects to get a sense of how this benefits or detracts from adults in their work life.

There are thousands of resources but this one is an easy place to start. Email us privately if you want to participate in one of our research walks  planned for this spring 2015. We’ll work around your schedule, if you’re interested.

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