What You’ll Get in the Wisdom Marketing Program

1. A Marketing Action Plan

This plan gives you the proven tactics that work for your type of business to become more profitable.

You'll get a high-level marketing and business evaluation of your company plus a customized action plan to uncover methods to create higher profits.


hyacinth plant stages of growthA Collaborative Process

This collaborative support  generates the results you deserve. You work hard. We know. We respect your knowledge in your field. We want your marketing to bring you results!

We'll recommend marketing strategies and tactics that work for your industry and ensure they are a good fit for your comfort level, values, lifestyle,  and abilities.

After we create your profit-making plan, you'll have access to our "Get It Done Support Sessions"  to put your plan into action.


. . ." someone who actually cares about the success of your company, and pours her whole heart and soul into doing whatever she can to help you be successful.  .  .business planning, operations, etc., (not that you have to use the teams at Allison Bliss Consulting for these, but in my experience, it’s hard to do just marketing if you don’t delve into these areas, as well) - Debbie Kanner, Founding Partner, Start Up Right


results badgeYour plan will reveal: 

  • what works and what doesn't for your unique industry and type of business,
  • any hidden dangers of incorrect pricing that may be killing your sales or profits,
  • how to improve delivery of your products or services, if needed,
  • potential opportunities for passive income (monetizing ideas to sell online in your sleep!),
  • tools and tactics to automate parts of your marketing & operational tactics to simplify your workload and free up your time!
  • any other strategies, tactics, tools or resources we have to offer for improvements to your business' bottom line.


You'll receive an mp3 recording of this session, if requested, to listen to at your convenience, or to share with partners, staff or funders to put the answers to work to build profits.

"Our firm increased sales over $4,000 within a week!" - N. Rushton, Architect, New Jersey


2. Get Your Website Converting Visitors to Buyers

If you don’t know why your web visitors aren’t becoming clients, this will make it crystal clear!



3. Build Content

We've created an easy way for you to build content if you don't love to write: Build blog, enews, web or media articles or video sound tracks.



4. Social Media "Nail It" Training

Stop messing around. Learn to build business with our  method to gain clients  by making your social media actually work!  We'll give you specific tutorials for Facebook &  Linkedin plus advice on how to use other major networks for outreach and branding. We'll even show you how to automate the process - where and how to do this properly and when low cost ads will or will not benefit.


5. Your Choice: "Four Get-It-Done" Sessions:

You get to tailor your "Get-It-Done" sessions. After we develop your plan, you'll know what you need to do to ramp up profits.

You'll get to choose from these items below. Don't see what you need? Take a look at our complete list of Marketing Services if you need additional support (for items not included in this program) or we'll tailor a session to fit your exact needs:

♦ Refining your Primary Marketing Messages

♦ Monetizing Your Services or Website. We'll give you tools and walk you through automating sales

♦ Developing and Automating Content for Social Media Communications

♦ Refining Publicity, Outreach, or Strategic Alliances (almost every entrepreneur handles these tactics incorrectly. Let us guide you!)

♦ Making Networking & Presentations Fun & Fruitful.

♦ Finding Joy in Making Sales. (If You're Truly Helping People, It's Really Possible!)

♦ Improving Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 10 Tactics to Get Found on Google


6. "Anytime Emails" for the Entire 9 Months

When you need quick answers or reviews of your materials, proposals, or have a  "how to" question for those non - complex items, we'll respond when you need it.You'll have our priority attention as you launch.

For more complex questions, use your 5 "Get it Done" sessions for the support you need (see above).


If you’re really serious about  making a change, this is the program for you.


Marketing  for your business, goals, resources & lifestyle!


"We thought we would be getting a marketing plan, but we got so much more! Not only is Allison an outstanding marketing mind who created amazing collateral, a website and a brand for us, but she is an astute business person overall. She listened carefully, asked great questions, and then suggested so many creative ideas to help us establish ourselves as a market leader for our service. She helped us design different packages to provide our services – ways that we would have never thought of on our own.

Allison and her team regularly thought of different marketing campaigns to keep our name out there with a unique, professional style." - Sandy Minella, Co-Ceo, Start Up Right



Director/Consultant, Allison Bliss, has experience managing dozens of businesses with bottom line responsibility. She founded her first million dollar business in her early 20's bringing vast experience from helping literally hundreds of businesses (and thousands of projects) succeed.  Allison brings top talent and specialists to projects on an as-needed basis, so you're not paying for anything you don't need.




*only $755 monthly for 9 months


**Must call to discuss before purchase! (415) 806-5600


Let's determine if this is our best program for your exact business needs.

“From my first phone intake to yesterday’s website review meeting, every interaction with Allison Bliss has proven to be exactly what she promotes: Personal Attention, Fast Turnaround, Genuine & Honest Feedback and Advice” . . .

I appreciate the ‘one-stop shopping’ aspect of being a client of Allison Bliss Consulting, knowing when I am ready to use her teams of writers, publicists, researchers, or even event, film & TV production personnel, all I have to do is call Allison! (more)Linda Constant, Nature Nurture, San Francisco




Full Service & Implementation Program for Enterprise Businesses: $10,050. 




We invite you to contact us for a brief evaluation to see if we're the perfect match for you. If not, we'll refer someone we think might suit you.

(415) 806-5600