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Our Customized database-driven sites are built on platforms to give you vast options in design, programming, SEO (search engine optimization) and functionality capabilities.   In the olden days, we built websites in HTML. Now there are more affordable options. [Sure, we can still build HTML or Java Script sites, if required].   Those old websites cost thousands of dollars more, take far longer to build, and don't provide the free functionality and options you get on newer platforms we offer. Yes, we can customize design - just ask!


Breadth of Style & Capabilities

Don't see what you want? Just ask and we'll match you to one of our designers who's the perfect fit for your project.

Design for Tint By Masters: Commercial Window Films Purpose: Our designer, Cherie, created graphic representation of the companies benefits and services to improve customer understanding of the products in order to stimulate more sales.

Fitzgerald  Financial Management Purpose: To create a website in 3 days while the owner was on vacation! We secured the domain name, registration, copy editing, selected the very formal design style requested by this client, and presented a simple description of the company and services that was properly created to pass industry regulations. [site now retired]

" . . . [they had the] expertise to perfect our marketing campaign beyond our wildest expectations. They created a succinct message in the sleek, no-frills format we imagined. Working under a tight deadline and strict budget, needed a flexible website and quality marketing materials for an upcoming campaign. All these benefits were presented in the utmost efficient, professional and cost-effective manner. Every step was thoroughly discussed and seamlessly implemented. No detail was left behind, not just editing, but uncovering, strengthening and factoring in the bigger marketing picture, providing us much, much more than any web designer." - Patrick Fitzgerald         [more of Patrick's comment]

Susan Gorey, LCSW, JD asked our team to create a simple, clean website to provide just basic information about her practice combining mediation and psychotherapy with parent coordination, divorce coaching and other areas of conflict resolution. Her love of nature guided our design principles for this site, as well as our collaborative editing process. 


More Websites

We've  designed, written, optimized or advised on websites since the first time that websites were invented. Many have changed or sold their businesses over the years, but here are a few samples:



One World Music (renamed orchestrating excellence)




Dancing Your Bliss




Johnstone Supply




and these sites which are now happy to be retired: