“Knowledge is Bliss: The Truth About Social Media – Is It the Magic Marketing Bullet?”

SOCIAL MEDIA ICONSWhile it’s great that people are adopting these so-called f.ree marketing tools of social media, I see a disturbing trend: More and more companies believe that using social media is all they need to do in order to get business, a kind of “Magic Marketing Bullet.” But more often than not, it’s simply not true. In fact, it’s a downright dangerous way to think.



There’s a ‘quick-fix’ way to do marketing, and a ‘right’ way to do marketing for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow.

The low barrier to entry for using Social Media can be very alluring to small business owners who don’t have the sales force, marketing budget or brand awareness that larger, more established companies possess, like Coca-Cola, AT&T or Toyota.


But the ‘right’ way to market is to combine the best marketing strategies that fit your type of business, your clientele, the resources you have, and the product or service you offer. In other words, this beast called Social Media can be effectively tamed when mixed wisely with other marketing strategies. That’s exactly what our Signature Marketing Angel Program solves for you! Stop wasting time and money and find out the right steps to take to gain the success you need.

For more on this savvy approach, check out my latest interview with Cheryl Liquori. She is the Founder of the Breakfast Blogging Club, using social media as part of her promotion, and has some interesting perspectives on the effective use of social media tools for business.

At the end of the day, larger companies focus large amounts of time on operational issues, while smaller companies should remain focused on generating new business.


Develop relationships through a diverse mix of marketing, so you can:

  • Target clients/customers who are really right for your business, lifestyle, aptitudes and goals
  • Consistently convert hot leads into sales
  • Spend your money and time effectively
  • Create tactics for your unique business (and personality, lifestyle and budget) that support your goals
  • Earn more & spend less time at work – create efficiencies in your business so you have time to properly market your business/services/products
  • Reframe your marketing messages to promote the value of your offerings
  • Get publicity, or expand outreach & branding cost effectively
  • Secure partnerships, strategic alliances or other growth strategies
  • Monitor your management, finance and marketing results so you know what’s most effective without guessing
  • Find employees or interns to support your growth plans

Get the best advice on exactly what actions to take. That’s precisely what we offer in our Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs & Startups. 


One of the biggest mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is to try to do everything themselves when it comes to running their business – the business planning, the marketing, the sales, the bookkeeping, the administration, the web design, and remembering to empty the trash can and the paper shredder! My colleague, Susan calls this the “lone wolf syndrome”.

Why is this such a common pitfall? Because, we’re smart, do-it-yourself entrepreneurs who are motivated and committed to what we do. It’s no wonder that we believe we can figure out how to do anything, even our marketing! And when we can’t quite figure it out, or get discouraged with the lack of results (ie. no sales!), we still hesitate to ask for help. There’s the fear that it will cost too much, or that we don’t have the time – or a kind of shame believing we should actually be able to do everything ourselves. The successful business owners are the ones that finally learn to ask for help.


If marketing is done properly, it doesn’t cost much; and many tactics for growing our businesses have little, or no, cost. And as you learn and gain more experience with your marketing, setting up systems and seeing the results, it won’t take you much time, either.


If you don’t have enough sales and revenue coming in the door, your first focus should be to develop more business, not spend hours on activities that don’t generate leads, close sales, or expand the awareness of your business. For non-profits, the focus should be to increase funding, not expand programs. [We help non profits develop corporate sponsorships, too.]


WHAT ARE ALMOST ALL WEBSITES DOING WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO SEO?Search Engine Optimization. The oh-so-critical element that can ensure success in your online marketing….or completely sabotage your efforts, costing you lots of time and even more money! Check out my recent post, “How You’re Killing Your SEO” and find out what you need to do NOW to reach a broader market share.

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Experience Breeds Knowledge. Knowledge is Bliss.

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