Become Social Media Savvy: Don’t be Misled

Social media (facebook, twitter, linked in, etc.) is just is not a quick fix, end-all-be-all for businesss marketing.

I’ve spoken to business leaders spending a few hours each day on social media who are getting zero results. There is so much misinformation that I wanted to help save you time & wasted cost by interviewing a few of my trusted colleagues to share our expertise on social media in the perspective of overall marketing.

You’ll find my tips at the end of the article.

Bottom line: yes, add social media to your overall marketing mix, but don’t spend hours- and don’t rely totally on Social Media when other strategies probably work so much better and faster for your specific business.

In hopes this dispels some of the social media mythology, we share an interview today with Patrick Schwerdtfeger who presents the topic of the social media revolution globally. Patrick, unlike so many others, knows this social media game. He’s got 25,000+ twitter followers. Read Patrick’s interview and share your opinion by commenting below- it’s free so let’s share ideas and our abundance this year.

Cheryl Liquori, a fellow marketing consultant and Founder of the terrifically useful Breakfast Blogging Club offers her interview and perspective on Social Media, and how she’s using it to promote her business. If you actually want to get your blog WRITTEN and FOUND, check out Cheryl’s group: people are raving about it!


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