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Branding is more than cute logos and taglines. It's sometimes about building a new company or industry. Here's one example from our collection:


Ntl institutes of healthAs a pioneer in promoting and bringing the Holistic Health Network to California in the 90’s (before the internet), Allison educated and promoted Alternative/Integrative Health options to the public and the media.

In this approach, Allison initiated brand development to turn the holistic field into one of respect - now popularized in national media and by consumer demand - rather than the frequent ridicule that was common in those early days.

As part of this branding, Allison published a study on the public’s use of “holistic health”, requested by the library of the National Institutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine. Her study was used by some members of Congress to champion legislation in this area at the time. Her study showed how the public was using alternative healthcare even when insurance didn't cover it, because allopathic (Western) medicine wasn't solving many of the patients' problems. This "alternative/integrative" healthcare was thriving among the doctors and practitioners in her study.


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domino project iconNominated as an “Initiator” by  Seth Godin’s Domino project, the agency was cited for their innovative  “Walks With Bliss: Idea Lab Walks”.

To move clients more speedily towards success, Bliss created the “Walks with Bliss” (Idea Lab walks) as an experiential form of guided strategic business meetings for leadership groups, individual CEOs, or business owners.

Using neuroscience and physiology (and Mother Nature) to induce visionary ideas, Bliss directs a discovery process to gain breakthrough epiphanies to pressing marketing, management, or general business issues in these 1 hour walks. In anecdotal reviews, clients gained unexpected powerful insight and value from these sessions, often with the ability to implement strategies more quickly.


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