Knowledge is Bliss: Business Evaluation

Define Branding the Smart Way: Learn What Your Clients Value.


Invaluable insights

“‘Knowledge is Bliss’ was extremely helpful and useful to my business. I was surprised by some of the information gathered. It helped me to re-focus my business on an everyday basis. I made a few subtle changes in my ‘style’ since the debrief, and I now feel more in control of the direction my company is taking.  I don’t have to wonder what my clients think of me and my company anymore!” Rick Binger, RBD Creative Services, San Francisco


Clients’ Experiences

“Measurable results”

“Incredible, measurable value that just keeps on building!

That’s my experience with this business evaluation: surprising insights, truly understanding my company’s positioning, collecting pages and pages of testimonial quotes from clients that I have been able to use for years in my advertising and collateral materials.

My esteem climbed as did my team image. All that for a very affordable investment in the ‘Knowledge is Bliss’ package.”– Cherie Carter, Carter Designs


“Clear Strategies to Implement”

“I hired Allison to  clarify the value my clients perceive from my business and to reveal ways my work could be enhanced. I didn’t want to ask my clients certain questions myself that might be perceived as self-serving, yet I wanted those answers.

I didn’t want to burden my busy clients by asking for written testimonials to use on my web re-design.

Allison’s experience and comfortable manner put me at ease. She is a skilled interviewer and it was extremely valuable to have a written transcript of the interviews.

Plus she gave me a few clear strategies for implementation.” – Barbara Bouchet, Contact Point, Executive & Leadership Coaching


 Package includes:

     thorough interviews with sampling of 7 clients

     written transcripts – about 10 pages of testimonials

     a debrief meeting with recommendations

     5 recommended positioning messages.


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 COST: $4,000 (includes transcripts)

Contact us to discuss your exact goals for this customized service: 510-879-7600

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