How to Get Your Book Sold: Know How the Game is Played

You’ve poured your heart, soul, and wisdom into writing your masterpiece book expecting  your publisher to sell thousands of copies , right?



If you’re disappointed, like most authors (well, maybe not J.K. Rowling),  then it’s time someone told you the truth about publishing. It’s not the publisher’s job to market your book.

If you know how the game is played, you have a chance to win. If you’re just angry with your editor or publisher, expecting they’re not doing a good job, it’s time you got the truthful answers.



That’s why I am introducing this video by Kathleen Gage specifically to help authors get their books sold. After all, Knowledge is Bliss . . .



As a marketing expert, I turn to Kathleen Gage for her mastery and experience getting books sold. She’s an expert who has been top of Amazon with hugely successful book sales, and who gives you very specific, valuable information you can use immediately. I particulary love her non-hype-ridden, to-the-point style and hope you value this as much as I do.  
Thanks Kathleen,  for letting us share your wisdom on our blog!




Ignorance is expensive. Knowledge is Bliss.

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