Let Go. More Lessons from Christine Comaford

If you think making millions in revenues takes 24/7 of time you need to read this and learn another way:

Letting go, Stopping the Isolation, Creating Systems, Making your Millions: I’m still absorbing lessons from a great talk by Christine Comaford last week.

Don’t know her? She’s author of Rules for Renegades: How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your Individuality,  a five-time CEO, a multimillionaire, and a Buddhist monk.

She reminds us entrepreneurs that we all have a million dollar idea which only needs direction to be pulled into reality. . . and that there’s no magic bullet: we have to do the work by investing your time, money, and heart.

Because I work primarily with entrepreneurs, I wanted to pass along some of Christine’s wit and wisdom in hopes it helps remind us, even if they’re things we know but are not keeping top of mind:

1. Don’t isolate. Entrepreneurs tend to do that, bury their head in their business instead of working ON their business. I’m a master of this: getting so absorbed in the details of what needs to be done that I forget to look down the line – or more expansively. I’m going to try putting that on my calendar to see if that works “March 1: think expansively”. Christine says an antidote to isolation is community: get out there, support your peeps, join in, get feedback, you get the idea.Be mighty and courageous and good – get out there! (I do so you’ll probably see me)

2. Create systems to transform information and implementation: build a database, set up quickbooks, hire people to be your MVP’s (most valuable persons, as Christine says) to do what you should NOT be spending your time doing. For example, I have MVP’s who are writers, editors, designers, programmers, SEO specialists, accountants, admins, and more because I am good at the strategic planning, not the minutaie of details that my MVP’s rock at!). Delegation to MVP’s is what enables you to think like a CEO. And it’s so freeing, especially for us creative types.

3. Manage Communications. OK, that’s my tip, not Christine’s. But she concurs that it’s critical to manage your Social Media, set up autoresponders (they save me so much time!) and outsource what you can. For example, I have my programmer set up my enews so it’s graphically templated and properly programmed for delivery, plus he adds it to my archives online. Perhaps, you just need to set up autoresponders for inquires that come to you about your services, classes, products (in marketing it’s all called ‘product’). Maybe you need to put some of your classes on video and sell those on your website? Anything that saves time, gives you that time to earn more revenues.

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If you want more wisdom from Christine, take a look at her upcoming workshops: http://www.rulesforrenegades.com/home.html.

And if you missed our former lesson from Christine, take a look here: https://allisonbliss.sitedistrict.com/2010/02/04/beceome-mighty-like-christine-comaford/.

If you need marketing services, we’re standing by to help you! After all, knowledge is bliss!

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