The Beauty of Oakland

It seems so unfair that the preponderance of news about Oakland is so awful, crime-ridden or disparaging. My friends, family and even some clients have a bit of trepidation about visiting our new lovely office in this so-unfairly-unappreciated town.

In an attempt to bring equity to our fair city, I wanted to show off some of the ways I find Oakland so beautiful. And I want to hear about your favorite places,events, hangouts or wonders of Oakland, too. (Either email them to me to post at or post your written comments below).

7/23/10: went for just a one hour morning walk around Piedmont district

organic market outside Kaiser

Loved that Kaiser, true to it’s clever branding allows an organic (tiny, but lovely) farmers market outside it’s hospital.

alley off Piedmont

Look at this darling greenery-lined alley off Piedmont Ave. Doesn’t it entice you down the path?

There are adorable tea shops along the shopping district

some strikingly colorful floral shops,

And some horrifying fashion, making me smile


Oaklanders take pride in their famed ice-creamery, “Fenton’s”. I wonder why it’s so good?

window boxes

there are gorgeous neighborhoods, lovely homes with spectacular window boxes, and . . .

much more I’ll post later! Keep an eye out. Send me your faves!


7/24/10: thanks to the brilliant photographer slash Director of Photography, Rick Wise, for these gorgeous shots of the beautiful Lakeside farmer’s market.


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  1. Thanks Miriam, you just don’t know that side of me yet. Since this is a business blog I can’t always justify expressing my personal creative side. But since my business is in Oakland, well, it seemed justifiable šŸ™‚

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