Holy Days for Giving & Receiving

I like to think of impending “holidays” as “Holy Days”: that divine time for family & friends, thankful reflections for all we have in the Bay Area- sunny days for long walks or hikes, world class entertainment and the most beautiful (albeit expensive) place to live.

It’s a time to give & receivetime to reward ourselves for the hard work we’ve done all year, and for surviving in this dreadful economic time. Here’s a platform to make your offer to some incredible people (my clients) and to receive a free gift from me, too.


Last time we used this blog to exchange requests for help, it worked. More than 70% of participants got what they asked for in just one week!

My dearest hope is that my intelligent, creative and caring clients get to receive and give to each other. We’re all connected so why not make a special offer through this blog to each other and/or my blog readers? You all have some genius, talents, music or expertise that you give to your own clients, so I ask that you consider giving to each other this year, too.


This is an honor system, since I know my clients well and trust you all to arrange whatever works for each of you. To introduce you, here’s what y’all do:

  • write books or create music CD’s,
  • train people, coach/consult or manage businesses to be outstanding,
  • change or heal our world through non profit education programs,
  • technical, healing arts, and image experts – and I mean high caliber expertise!
  • environmental & energy experts,
  • teachers helping nurture children to appreciate nature, to nurture healthy behavior,
  • attorneys guiding families to make good choices ,
  • a psychological astrologer who frames your life to better direct your choices

What holy or inspired offering could you give this year?

Activate your good karma and give something this season. It will make you feel great and you’ll probably get something even better in return!

Maybe you have a book or concert you poured your heart and soul into which you’d like to offer to one of my clients or readers. Or expertise you’ve spent decades perfecting.

You don’t have to offer just a free gift. How about a discount? Or two for one offer?

Perhaps you could offer an hour of coaching, technical expertise or advising to someone who needs and would value a hugely discounted rate? You never know, they might discover they need your expertise for more than you offer in this holy exchange.


In exchange for a valued gift or discount, recipients should give donors a blurb on facebook (or their enews or similar) to help promote the donor’s offer.

Or order a bunch of their products or services for your own clients or friends.

Maybe you need to receive a specific item, support or help with a particular issue – or need a uniquely fabulous gift to offer your special friends this year?


Please share with my other clients and blog readers any special offer you wish to give by posting a comment to this blog.


You can include a very brief description of your offer, a link to your website and contact information. Please don’t tell us everything you do, just be clear on the value of your offer. If people are interested, they’ll contact you or visit your site to learn about your expertise.

PLEASE POST THE VALUE OF YOUR OFFER, AND OF YOUR DISCOUNT. (i.e.; regular value $350, discounted to $200)



The first 5 donors will get a free ‘gimme’ from our agency: a half hour of time (valued at $75, discounted to $0) to handle whatever you aren’t getting done: someone to make the calls you’re not doing, to edit your promo or blog, give internet, SEO or design advice, plan your next most critical marketing actions, review client proposals, conduct some market research, get your social media working better, or whatever you need as a freebie.

Happy Thanking People Day. Happy Holy Days.


Holy Days for Giving & Receiving — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks, Allison, for this opportunity to share!

    To all of your clients (and to their clients as well), I would like to offer one month of dating and relationship coaching at a 50% discount (regular value $400, discounted to $200). Having a relationship coach is invaluable, especially for newly-single adults and people who are confused by the new rules of the dating game.

  2. Allison, you are a role model for us all! Thank you for your invitation to share in this lovely, virtual marketplace.

    Here’s my offer: Half-off ($70) on a Psychological Astrology reading (regular value $140) scheduled by the end of this year. You don’t have to do the reading itself by 1 January, just schedule it. Or buy it as a gift certificate-a reading is a great way to start the new year.

    Mention that you are one of Allison’s clients. See onenessastrologywithki.com or call Renee at 510.847.2245 or email renee@emf.net.

  3. Thanks Donald, Pennie and Renee;

    Such generous offers, which I can personally attest to having experienced many of your collective talents;

    Donald is one of the kindest, most compassionate, caring, smart, darling human beings you’ll meet. He doesn’t flaunt his extraordinary education & training, a master healer, shaman and coach beyond measure. Check out his workshops and groups, too.

    Pennie’s a master of holistic healing in a modality called Jin Shin. She even has such uniquely interesting products for teachers to educate students in health and expressing feelings.

    Renee is so much more than an astrologer. You’ll get an entire lesson in history, mythology, astronomy, culture, communications and psychological applications to your life in just one reading. Beyond compare. I used her teachings to improve my business, in fact.

    Bookmark this page.

    Keep checking the offers to find what you need. Take advantage while you can. Can’t afford it this minute? Ask if they’ll allow a payment plan, or something.

  4. Hello Allison’s peeps!

    Have any ‘garden geeks’ on you holiday list? You can order my new organic gardening book entitled TALKING DIRT (Penguin Group, 2010), for only $10 bucks, shipping included. I’ll personally sign it and send it off.

    Contact me at annie@dirtdiva.com to order.

    Thanks , and thank you Allison!

  5. Thanks Allison
    I’ve gained so much over the years. I’m gifting my project management expertise – only one 40-minute session… FREE! Do you struggle with what’s next? How can you get everything done?
    …But since I’m only offering one session, let’s hear why you think you need my help. The session goes to the person with the best “why” – the person who will gain the most value. Send your Why to shaunavee@yahoo.com by midnight 11/18. I’ll announce the winner by 11/20. For more info on me, check these out:

  6. Allison: thanks for this offer. How creative!

    I’d like to get the word out about a very rare concert experience featuring the hang (pronounced hung). It looks like a UFO and sounds like a dream!… here’s the scoop.

    If you buy a ticket to this concert by Nov. 23, you save $5 off the CD ($10 instead of $15).

    CONCERT EXPERIENCE: An evening of Global Acoustic Music in celebration of the CD release of Into the Mystery.

    WHAT: Sounds from Brazil, Africa and India combine with improvisation and mystery to create an unforgettable evening of music.  Please join us.

    WHEN: Sat., Dec. 11 • 8 pm

    WHERE: Rudramandir Yoga Sanctuary at 6th and Bancroft

    HOW MUCH: Tickets: $20 in advance; $25 at the door

    SONIC ENTICEMENTS: Music samples and info on how to purchase CD or tickets:


  7. Hi All,

    Let me join the chorus of enticing offers. I help public agencies and private developers get environmental approvals for their projects, and also provide contract planning services to the same types of clients.

    Through the end of 2010 I will provide a 25-percent discount on my usual billing rate. Just tell me that Allison sent you. My contact info. is available on my website: dha-environmental.com.

    Happy holidays,

  8. Thanks Annie, Shauna, Gary & Doug for your generous offers. Glad to hear some of you are already getting takers, too!

    If you’ve not read Annie’s book on gardening, prepare to laugh as much as you learn! Shauna post a link to your radio show so we can all listen and learn! Gary has an amazing concert coming up – who wants to go with me? Doug – city of Oakland just approved EIR go ahead for ballpark in jack london area – I do hope you’re involved in that!

  9. …and the winner is… Drum Roll….
    Joie Seldon (EmotionEducation.net).
    Joie is working on helping her fellow humans (and we all need it to some degree or another!) become a more conscious species. Watch for her MP3s, CD’s, DVD’s, speaking engagements… and an upcoming book.
    Joie, thanks for submitting your request. I look forward to our session.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  10. Yeah! I won Shauna VanderHoek’s offer of a free project management consultation.

    I would like to match Shauna’s offer of a free 40 minute consultation in Emotional Intelligence to the first person who contacts me.

    I counsel, coach, teach and speak about the tremendous value and resource that emotions are. I have a unique and highly practical approach to EQ based on thirty years as an acting teacher, an M.A. in Somatic Counseling Psychology, and a lifetime of spiritual work.
    Visit my website: http://www.EmotionEducation.net.
    email: Joie@EmotionEducation.net
    NOTE: If you are a woman and local to the Bay Area, you may attend my Empowering Women’s Voices class instead.

  11. Thanks Shauna for helping the amazing Joie Seldon. Good for Joie for asking for help, too! For entrepreneurs it’s often hard to ASK because we feel we should be able to do it all ourselves. wrong!


    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Allison, congrats on being so awesome and having such an active client community. Looking forward to getting to know you and your work better.

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