“Results in One Week”

Asking for help is so hard for most people. It’s easy to give but to ask – ah well, we need help with that.

So, this post (from 2010) uses our blog platform to give my favorite clients & colleagues a place to test out a request for help. [While this is an old post, you’re welcome to test your request to see if you get some useful responses!]


I have confidence that at least one person will have a significant lead or fulfilled need within one week.

Haven’t you seen this past year’s economic depression cripple so many extraordinarily talented people who have radically struggled in their business? Some have lost jobs, homes, relationships, or their health.

Worse, the really worthy business owners have their confidence erode while forgetting the huge value they really offer their clients. We all go through this at some point in our businesses but to have it last for months depletes peoples’ ability to move forward. So, let’s all help each other instead.

This week let’s be insanely generous and share resources, ideas, actual referrals and connections. All of you who receive this have some genius to offer and are worthy of receiving huge rewards from participating. So, please join in.



In the reply below, spell out clearly what you seek. Let us know how to contact you via email or phone. Bookmark this page so you can return periodically to help someone or find out if your request was answered. Put out some good karma and participate!



Something our one-stop shop marketing agency is seeking: entrepreneurs leading organizations (ideally with staff size 10-20, but we help solopreneurs, too) who need more clients from  results-oriented marketing: high level Strategic Business Planning, Websites, Social Media Management or Training, SEO, Blogs, Case Studies, Promo materials, web content, media articles or  other communications. Details & prices are on our website. 

Who do you know who needs our help? We can be reached via email.



Enter your needs or requests, your leads or solutions for other in the ‘comment’ section below.

With hope & belief in your collective genius!



What happened with this experiment?

50% got what they asked for just connecting through this blog – you can see for yourself below.

70% got what they asked for by commenting here and also emailing me to get  more specifics on the person they wanted to help, to ask for an intro, phone number, or similar. A few emails initially said they were afraid to ask for what they wanted (from women, not men. no surprise there! men have no problems asking for what they want, it seems to me. OK, that’s commentary).

Take a look at comments below to see what happened. Marketing lesson: be clear what you ask for. It’s harder than you think.

My own story (what inspired this experiment):When I moved my business from San Francisco to the island of Alameda, 7 miles across the bay, I lost several clients just due to attrition. I reconsidered my positioning, services, how our agency’s services were offered, so I could rebuild the company’s revenues.

In so doing, I realized just one thing: I only wanted to work with “smart people”. I didn’t care their industry, financial situation, demographics, psychographics, or even geographics.

So, I just started asking friends, colleagues, people I met at networking events or conferences and clients to please refer smart people to our agency. Sounds naive, right?

Well, 9 years later and another move to Oakland, we still only work with smart people. Why? Because when you truly respect your clients & they appreciate you, everyone has success.

If you’re a marketing pro and now want to slap me for this experiment, I defy you to try it and email me your own results. You just never know! abliss@allisonbliss.com.

Take a look at comments below and offer your help or put forth your request –  Fingers crossed for you. 


“Results in One Week” — 60 Comments

  1. Great idea, Allison!

    I am Margo Rose a personal fitness trainer (www.functionalfitness4you.com)

    It would be wonderful to have about 6 more clients who would like to improve their health and body. We can exercise at their workplace, various outdoor locations or perhaps out call to their home. Excellent low rates for pairs and small groups of people.

  2. Denise,
    Kathy did some wonderful EMDR work with me several years back. I ended up buying my car from her office mate after saying I wished for a gold Camery. I love her!!! Hopefully we can hook up.

  3. Hey Nika; Have a referral for you from someone who’s unsuccessfully partnered prior and is about to embark on another partnership. I’m emailing your info to them to contact you. . . and may have forgotten about that FABULOUS

  4. Hey Nika; Due to your input above, I was reminded of that amazing workshop you teach on partnering. Last night I met someone who so desperately needs your help with that. Making connections via email to you now.

    See, asking for what one wants can totally garner results! Impressed? Or not surprised at all?

  5. Denise, thanks for your interest. I can be reached at maryacts@yahoo.com or by calling 310.279.3549. Not sure where you are, but that’s Pacific Coast time.

    I look forward to hearing from you!!

  6. I posted about my main business and didn’t get any direct referrals but business is flowing in. It has been and I think it’s even flowing stronger since asking for more! Thanks!

    I thought I’d mention another interest. I plan events for people born or raised in San Francisco and we raise money for a select non profit. This year it’s for Meals on Wheels San Francisco. I could really use some new sponsors! Sponsorship levels from 500 to 3000.00. A great way to get visibility in the community that is very local and stays local! Also always happy to have new attendees at the events. Check out the website for details on both the sponsorship opportunities and the events themselves. We’re doing a brunch cruise May 23 and a big event at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel Oct. 15th!

  7. Hi everyone! I was out of town working with a client for 5 days and my computer would not connect to their internet. Also, sched was so jammed I had no time.

    Back now.


    Great email on “What did you get?”! That was so great to see the results. This has been really fun and a really effective way to ‘be in action’ towards producing results with very little effort considering the results as well as all the services of ‘Allison endorsed’, great people and services.

    There are several people who participated I know I will contact in the future. At least 4 people here provide services I know I will need in the next year. When I get there I will contact you.

    Thanks Allison!

    Public – consideration. What was soooo great about this, was that it was a group of people you know are great at what they do. Therefore it was ‘highly leveraged’ in terms of time and results. If this is open to the public I don’t think I’ll be checking on it. I don’t want to spend time on it if I don’t know these people are excellent at what they do.

    A thought . . . Creating a totally separate website with this format for public. It could be great. Retain this site only for quality people and services you know, or others who participated know are EXCELLENT at what they do. If this were to happen, this site would be a highly valued and trusted site for me. Other wise not.

    Great experiment!
    Thanks so much Allison.
    Really glad you invited me to particpate.

  8. Thank you Allison! for your wonderful offer to participate in your inner circle. I’ve would love to get two new clients who are ready to let go of fear and limiting beliefs and start creating the life they wish for in a way that is passionate, playful and profitable. My ideal clients are 40 to 60 year old women who are in transition in their lives and who are now really ready to explore a path that has meaning and purpose. For anyone who refers a client to me, I would be happy to gift them with a 45 coaching session on a reframing a limiting belief or mindset.

    with love and joy,

  9. For Doug Herring: Ok, it took longer than a week but I did find a source for you to find high level projects worthy of your talents. . .

    OK, it’s bugged me for a week that no one on my network had a source or reference for you in your request on my blog so I redoubled my search efforts to solve your quest. Have a colleague who runs county of st. clara planning/development. Asked him who did EIR’s for him, he said he posts RFP’s on this site: http://www.bidsync.com/

    So, if you don’t already reference that site to find projects, at least I’ve opened one can of worms for you to go fish, right? If you already know of this site, I’ll have to keep my radar tuned for you.

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