Walks in the Bay Area

Please share under comments your favorite places to walk in the Bay Area. Here are a few of mine:



The Mosaic Steps in Golden Gate heights are one of my favorite walks (16th & Moraga in San Francisco) because of their beauty.

cropped sun section of stairs.2

Each section of the steps is a different mural with thousands of mosaics designed & laid by neighborhood families.





At the top, you have a lovely view of the city plus an option to walk another set of stairs to the top of Hawk Hill.

cropped stair section









Walk-to-Work-Day-logo-no-date1-300x142 (1)

Friday April 11, 2014 is Walk to Work day:






walkit app imageWalkit – here’s a nifty app for your smartphone to track your walks.




more will be added over the next few months! Add your suggestions in  comments below

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