Where is Allison presenting this week?


Woman Shouting with BullhornThis was the promoters email (below). What do you think? (I laughed, kind of  cute & silly, all that name dropping) Wonder if he’ll get a full house as a result?


subject line: “Robin Williams, Sean Connery, and the Grateful Dead…”

text: …name dropping some of the largest names in the entertainment industry was not just a ploy to get you to open the email. O.K…yes it was…but Robin, Sean and Jerry Garcia are just a sample of the talent for which this weeks’s speaker at Alameda East Bay Successful Thinkers has managed productions.

Oh yes…Forget the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. You could be only 1 degree away from some of the world’s most well known celebrities when you rub elbows with Allison Bliss at  this weeks event.

This is your opportunity to hear from an industry legend. (And I bet you thought it couldn’t get any better!)

film-directorRecognized nationally as a top innovator, Allison Bliss, will deliver her “Magic Marketing Pill” with her presentation of Renegade Ideas on Peak Productivity. Allison will share results of a not yet released to the public  Harvard study,  about environmental affects on productivity and the 6 correct actions that attract the right kind of sustainable business.

Please RSVP right now and join us for this one-time opportunity at www.meetup.com/Alameda-East-Bay-Successful-Thinkers or hit me back and I’ll put you on the V.I.P. list. A special parking area will be provided for all Limousines.

 When:   Thursday, March 21         11:30

 Where:  2455 Mariner Square Drive,  Alameda, CA

Visualize your perfect world…Focus clearly…Come to Successful Thinkers

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