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What keeps you motivated to work so hard & such long hours? Sure, we adore our clients and want to do a good job. Of course we need to pay our bills. But for some of us, it’s our greater life purpose that motivates. In my case, I love animals and use my profits to support great organizations who help them (SFSPCA, PETA, ICRA, etc.).

Phoebe, the darling dog

Phoebe, on right, needs a new loving home

But today, I get to support a trusted client who needs a good family for his darling dog, Phoebe. Please help if you can, since he’s a wonderful dog (and darling client).

Here’s Doug’s story:

Please Adopt this Great Dog

Phoebe is a very friendly and sweet female black lab/pit bull mix, about 1-1/2 years old and in perfect health.  She has a glossy black coat (very soft ears and head!), with white chest and paws, and a faint white “racing strip” on top of her nose.

She weighs 44 pounds, but is smaller than this would suggest.  She is spayed, has a microchip (which you can register in your name), and is current on all shots as well as heartworm and flea treatments.

I’ll throw in her collar, bed, and a bunch of food and healthy treats, and I paid her adoption fee.

Phoebe loves people and is very smart and very sensitive. She has some aggression issues with other dogs, and needs someone with the time to train her out of it.  I have been working with her on basic commands like Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, and she has learned very quickly, and is anxious to please.

She is currently enrolled in an obedience class at the East Bay Humane Society which you can complete with her.

Contact Doug at (510) 237-2233 or windrider@douglasherring.us

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