Are They Trying to Confuse You About SEO?

Just this tiny bit of knowledge should protect you from one of those smarmy emails about SEO (search engine optimization – or getting top of Google). . .

If you’ve received a “personal” email from someone saying they noticed your website wasn’t top of Google (or other search engines), just know it’s a generic email sent without personally vetting your website – it’s hype and sc*am.


I get these emails, too, and our agency’s website is ranked in the top 1.4% of Alexa (measurement of all websites worldwide) and is top of Google (in “Organic Search Results”, not “Paid Search” which only gets a fraction of views) for many search terms, including:

  • “marketing & communications consultant” (how our corporate clients search for our agency)
  • “marketing & communications agency” (how local clients mostly search for our teams and services)
  • And for our tool “How to Write a Company Profile”  (almost all links on first page point to our site)


This is where you’re probably mistaken

You may believe that those are not terms you would use to find our agency’s services. You’d be wrong. We have a special method for researching and defining those terms to know they’ll work. And we get business, as a result of this.

So, take caution: Call us if you want an evaluation so you’re not paying for something you don’t properly understand! We want you to do it right and be successful. Really. Truly.


Before you spend a penny, read our fr*ee article

I’ve never met anyone (yet) who has the correct keywords for their business.

Virtually everyone I talk to believes they can just guess at keywords, that they are just “descriptive” words about your industry (i.e. marketing, social media management, SEO, website design, graphic design, writing – all those ‘services’ we offer). Wrong!  That’s Killing Your SEO!Don’t pay someone to “get you top of Google” til you read this article or you’ll be part of that sc*am!


Don’t Waste Time On Social Media Unless You’re Making Money 

Unless you are making money from your social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter) efforts, you’re probably wasting your valuable time.  We do. And it’s not about having a zillion “likes” either!

Need help? Just call. We have several free resources and services to tailor the right actions for your business on how to make it work.

If you just use it because you believe people are interested in what you’re posting, study your “Insights” (stats) to see if that’s really true.

If you just enjoy catching up on everyone’s gossip, by all means stay engaged! Life is short. People are fascinating. Knowledge is Bliss!




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