Clients You Can Be Thankful For. Resources With Great Value.

For some unexplainable reason, I only get clients that are smart, creative, worthy, and just really decent people.

As we move into a season of thanks, my fondest wish is to introduce my friends and readers to these amazing clients (and those clients to each other) so you’ll know where to find resources you can trust.

Thanking & Rewarding Your Support Teams

Those of us who run a business have a cadre of talent and skilled professionals who need special thanks for providing abilities and knowledge beyond the scope of one person. In my agency, they are the brains behind creating clients’ websites, programming, copywriting, research, social media, bookkeeping, PR, SEO, IT support and all the other functionality to run this business so clients get what they need on time, affordably. Thanks to my amazing teams– you’re all so incredible!

I’m curious about how other entrepreneurs are rewarding their own teams (other than vast bonus cash) this year?  Please share your tips with us by leaving a comment. 

If we’re lucky, we have family who encourage and support us emotionally through the tough and the thrilling times – and give us pets, when we need them.


Featured Small Business Clients We Recommend

While our agency provides marketing services to large corporations, too, I’ve selected some of my favorite small businesses this year to feature and recommend for those in need.

After all, Knowledge is Bliss, but sharing is just heavenly.


Paul Terry, Paul Terry & Associates, 

I’ve consulted for Paul’s business classes at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center for almost 20 years. Paul impresses me with his vast knowledge and tireless spirit championing start-up businesses. He’s the kind of guy that just sees the worthiness in every human, which inspires everyone around him.


Tracy Tamura, Tamura Insurance 

Did you know insurance could be really fun and fascinating? No? Well, you haven’t met Tracy! Dynamo is too small a noun. A life insurance specialist, she’s got resources you don’t know about to save you heaps of money, build college & retirement funds and protect your business, too!


Rob Hardwicke, Awakening Skincare

We handled social media for this fabulous line of skincare this year. Super high potency dead sea minerals that actually hydrate your skin – not just a hype, but they actually hydrate. The  smells are luscious! Their “Goods That Do Good” campaign funds animals and worthy organizations, too. Great holiday gifts!


Varda Wilensky, Homeopath

A highly advanced “classical homeopath”, Varda is referred to by oncologists to treat cancer patients. Perhaps this gives you a clue of her vast ability to help heal a person’s core issues with “constitutional remedies”. If your doctor can’t figure it out, ask Varda. [or better yet, see her first!]


Sharon Ascencio, Ascencio Accounting & Business Services

Sharon is like a money diviner in her vast experience and wisdom. You want someone who really knows business to manage your accounting, because they’ll “divine” or find problems before they happen.


Valentyn Edgewood, Island Therapeutic Massage

Val is all about comfort & healing: from her deep knowledge of anatomy her focus is Therapeutic massage for injury prevention which she couples with her use of essential oils. She knows her stuff – and we all knead it! Val used one of our Walks With Bliss sessions to find a method to make marketing fun for her (instead of icky or phony) in preparation for moving her office to Alameda.


 Michael Blum, Appeals Funding

What if you were injured, had to sue someone to compensate you for your loss?  You won a great deal of money in the lawsuit, but the defendant appealed.   You wouldn’t get money during the appeal, which often lasts 2+ years, so you wouldn’t have the money to pay your bills. If you lost the appeal, you wouldn’t get a dime.  That’s when your attorney needs to contact Michael. He’ll actually advance you money while the appeal is ongoing . (He gets paid back if you win and collect from the defendant).  Not your problem anymore! Justice, balanced.


Steve McQuarry, Resonance Jazz 

This is the only acoustic jazz octet in the Bay Area. Have you heard jazz with a viola or cello? Comprised of world class musicians who’ve played with legends like Dizzy Gillespie,  Jethro Tull, Gloria Estefan, these are classically trained performers who can also knock jazz  outta the park with original works by Steve as well as jazz standards. Come to a concert!


Heidi Jakobsen, H. Jakobsen & Co.

Heidi’s CPA, accounting/bookkeeping knowledge specializes in film/ TV and music production companies, professional services and high profile/high net worth family businesses. Best of all, it’s cloud based so you have access anytime, anywhere – and her teams will train you.


 Howard Sambol, Career Crafting

It’s not just Howard’s decades of career knowledge that enables him to help clients craft meaningful careers, but his in-depth knowledge of astrology that he’s able to cull from to guide and coach people into pathways that serve their greater purpose on planet earth.


Ilene Levinson, Levinson Benefits Group

With the heart of a philanthropist, LBG handles very complex benefits for non profits and organizations who need innovative and customized benefits plan design, strategies, and products. When it’s this critical, you’ve got get the top firm to make sense of it for you.


Valerie Haynes Perry, Author

If you crave solid literature that exudes a sensuality of experience where you can practically taste the visuals, you’ll love Valerie’s deeply poetic stories and award winning talent. Her many novels are on her website.



Joanne Davis, Marriage & Family Therapy

Just read her profile and you’ll see her Buddhist compassion, the warmth, character and unique approach that Joanne offers. She has a specialty in trauma, as well as vast experience and many novel methodologies for coping with those issues that arise during a lifetime.


Please share a few of your favorite clients (or resources) by leaving a comment. If you get the support of one of our fabulous clients, I’d welcome you to contact me with your experience, too!


Let’s be thankful all year long.    Allison Bliss


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