The Fear of Marketing? A Marketing & Communications Agency View

I’ve noticed recently that people seem not so “fearful” of marketing. I think that may be partially due to the vast engagement in social media. Clients used to tell us; “I don’t know what to write about or what to say”. Now people will say anything on Facebook! I applaud that (well, most of it).

Is that really marketing? 

Yes, it’s a start. Marketing is just about getting your products or service to market – finding those who need what you offer, then helping them find, understand the value, and purchase it. Marketing is not about tricking people or forcing people to do things they don’t want to do. Those “used car salesman” tactics are over, thankfully.

Social media certainly enables people to find or learn more about you or your offerings when handled correctly. It gives people or companies a chance to express ideas, opinions, share information, offer sales and stay current with clients, friends, trends or events.  It’s even a great method for some companies to respond with customer service.

But it’s not the only strategy to use in marketing. That’s a huge mistake that I see many small businesses making! Just because it’s free and easy, doesn’t mean it’s the right strategy (or only tactic) for your business to properly market your offerings.

Marketing is part art and part science.

As an example, a strong video campaign might work for one company to educate customers about their products, while it wouldn’t work for another company. Why? Either that particular tactic is wrong for their market (science), or it was improperly crafted (art).

Because various strategic tactics are needed in marketing (from plans to websites, writing, design or other tactics), it’s far smarter and more cost effective for businesses to have all their marketing managed under one company.

That’s what a Marketing & Communications Agency offers:

  • Clarity
  • Results
  • Intelligent Plans based on what actually works (science) created the right way (art)
  • Getting Things DONE!
  • Time & Cost Savings
  • Experts in various specialties under one company (design, writing, web, etc.)

And more. Take a look at our short explanation here.

At our agency, we welcome expression. Share your opinions or comments about your experiences with marketing or social media, too. It makes us smarter. After all, “Knowledge is Bliss“.

Need help for your business? Simply contact us to let us know what you need. If we can’t help you we probably know someone who can.


The Fear of Marketing? A Marketing & Communications Agency View — 4 Comments

  1. Great article, it’s true that what works for one might not work for another. It’s about making smart decisions and knowing your target market well enough to know what turns them on.

  2. Thanks for your input, Ryan. Agreed! Good to know your target market and what they’ll respond to.

    I also discovered (after my first decade in marketing) that it’s equally important for us business owners/leaders to express our own beliefs, wisdom, values or opinions – and not to fear that we’ll be offending some readers/visitors who don’t agree with our expression.

    That way, we’re attracting the people who are a great fit for us, clients we can really appreciate and believe in, or care deeply about their needs. What’s your experience with that self expression?

  3. Hi Alison, I think you have absolutely hit the nail on the head! As business leaders we are also opinion leaders and lead we must.

    We are a tech start-up company and are building a platform that connects professional sales agents with companies that are looking to expand and grow globally.

    All of our past experience including building an outsourced sales team for a Los Angeles based inc.500 company has lead us to the point we are at today. We have a wealth of experience and strive to share our knowledge as much as possible but we do occasionally come up against people who don’t believe in the commission only sales model.

    I am quite active across a number of business forums as well as other areas online and like to get involved in discussion around my topic. I not only see myself as a marketer, but as an educator that is trying to change the stereotyping that can sometimes come from being active in these spaces.

    I think it is good to come up against resistance occasionally as it gives us a chance to debate and impart our knowledge on those that may have had a bad experience in the past.

  4. Very well thought out comments. Thanks Ryan. Enjoyed my visit to your site. Big idea! What types of companies do you envision this working for best? Curious, because I’ve been on sales teams where we had to make all kinds of decisions that only a staff person would be directed (or allowed) to do. Our employment laws are rather specific about how much direction can be given a ‘contractor’ or ‘commission person’, tools used or shared, and more. So, unless it’s very cut and dried item/service for sale, not sure how this works for non staffers who are not entitled to make these concessions in order to close a sale? Is it different in the UK? Some way around this I’m not understanding?

    Like the idea, though.

    May you have vast success.

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