Every Entrepreneur's Dilemma

Friday, August 8, 2008

Twenty years in business and I still find myself in the ‘entrepreneur’s dilemma’ – I have the time to make changes to my website, but not the money. Or when I have money pouring in, I’ve no time to improve my business.

I might get stuck on this issue and not do anything if I’d not seen it crop up and slap me in the face so many times. I’ve now learned to slap back.

While I put cash in reserves to try to resolve this dilemma, there just always seems to be more need than cash.

So, today I’m starting something new: I’m spending the money on items I need to improve at the same time I’m starting to put ‘out to the universe’ a request for more cash or income. I’ll let you know what works, if anything does.

And I’d love to hear how you handle this, too?

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