How Our Spirit Affects Our Marketing

from my old blog: Wednesday, September 24, 2008
I think I’ve found the ‘real’ secret to marketing: it’s about clarifying exactly what we offer and who we really want to attract, NOT just how many dollars we want to earn. In fact, earnings are not what is really satisfying – ask any megamillionaire (I’ve interviewed many of them).

What is satisfying is helping those you truly care about. And of course, making that into a profitable business.

So, I’ve been testing my experiences around this “marketing as a spiritual practice”. Here’s a few ideas, along with an experience from a client today:

1. when you talk about or plan your marketing with an expert – or write it out yourself – you’re beginning to manifest your goals. You’re ‘putting out to the universe’ the ideas you have, and by speaking or writing, you’re clarifying them so you can sell them. Naturally, getting expert advice just saves you time and money so you reach your goals more quickly with less mistakes – but you already knew that! **

2. meditate, go for a walk, take a shower or do whatever it takes to clear your head of your ‘to do’ list and just imagine who your perfect clients would be: smart, fun, appreciative, young, old, musicians, teachers, or whatever it is you deeply enjoy in those you help. By clearing your mind and just visualizing this, you’re already starting to make it real, gain clarity for your outreach, and sometimes it even happens really quickly.**

3. At the risk of sounding very California airy fairy, I’ll tell a secret: I actually say a prayer or light a candle or perform some kind of ritual that has meaning for me after I meet with a new client. Plus I visualize the results I recomend to them coming to pass while I’m writing out their marketing action plan with an intention of accelerating their dreams into action.

Does it work? Well, read John Scott’s reaction from “Modern Vocalist” below. His company offers voice coaching and a fascinating technique he calls “Voice Yoga” that significantly improves singing. But he offers more than that: job coaching for singers, a venue to perform, and a sound recording studio. Now THAT is a full package a singer could really benefit from, don’t you think?

** Dear Allison,

I just had to tell you what happened after our first marketing meeting. I went home, and met my perfect client. A talented singer songwriter who has an incredible voice, excellent music skills, and is ready to record his first album. And he not only signed up for weekly sessions, but also bought my package of instructional videos. It was a like huge affirmation that I’m on the right track!

Thanks for the amazing coaching!

-John D. Scott

If you wish to contact John, email him at:

I’m alway eager to hear what works for business – knowledge is bliss, after all! Look forward to sharing your comments with my readers.

With sincerity, Allison

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