Facebook for Professionals Who Are Afraid to Ask

hands cover face frustrationHere are a few items to help clients, colleagues and friends when Facebook drives you crazy. [it drives us all nutty with it’s frequent changes, so you’re in good company].


DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! You’re probably 1 out of 100 who wants to know, but secretly admits to me they’re embarassed to ask.  That’s why we have experts who keep up with this on a daily basis. We want you to ask!

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Why Bother With Social Media – It’s So Annoying? 

Yes, it can be annoying to filter through tons of junk to find useful information. But we’ve made thousands of dollars in sales from this tactic, as have our clients. You don’t have to have thousands of “likes” either!

You’ll find approximately 1500 potential stories each time you go to your Facebook page, including photos, comments from friends, posts, and similar common actions taking up your valuable time.

On Facebook, you don’t have to learn it all just to connect and benefit. If you’re marketing a company or organization, you should at least know this:

  • There are 1.06 billion monthly active users on Facebook. 680 million are mobile users**. Managing your social media vastly increases outreach.
  • Many of us admittedly despise Twitter but it’s important to learn what each social tool offers so you can make it work for you, if you choose to. Our $17 action tool shows you how.
  • Your website may not be mobile friendly** but your Facebook page is!
  • Expanding Outreach is a critical strategy to grow clientele or membership


Let’s Get On The Same Page: Terminology 

We’re all at different levels with social media. Let’s at least get these few terms nailed to understand items in this post and to make it easier to ask for help on exactly what you need:




here’s a continuation of item above . . . 

terminology 2


 Don’t Want Certain People to See Your Posts? 

Maybe you don’t want anyone except your close family or friends to see your posts. Click this little padlock icon which will walk you through it.

privacy settings2








Want More People To See Your Posts?

Here’s the basic tip: If you want more people to see you posts you must participate! Comment on posts, “like” pages or “like” comments, share the love by linking to others and soon people will be engaging with your page, too. When you have high engagement you’ll be featured on more feeds so more people will “see” your posts. If you need an advisory session to tailor this to your goals, take a peek at our “Nail It!” program. 


Page vs. Profile

A page (formerly called a “fan page”) is for business, a profile is personal. You need both if you have a business because there are ways you cannot connect with a page that you can with a profile. You can set your posts so that only specific people can see them if you’re afraid of sharing information with the wrong people.

Here’s a simplified overview:

business page vs profile3









helpful article: What is the difference between a Newsfeed, Timeline and Wall?


Can’t Find the People Who Like Your Profile or Page? 

page likes imageMy  social media specialists at our company tell me there’s no perfect way to find everyone who has “liked” your page or profile because of how Facebook tracks that. Here’s one tactic that I found on a tech bulletin which sounded useful to me (in case it works for you):

“If the new person liking your page has not made their page likes on their About Me public in their privacy settings – so it’s set for only “friends” or “friends of friends” to see – then they will not show up on your list of people who have liked your page.”


For those seeking a bit more advanced knowledge only. . . 

Facebook has again changed it’s algorithm on how your posts show up in friends newsfeeds. It’s quite techno-involved, but you can simplify by using these factors as a guide (or contact us if you want our techy info):

  • Is your post timely or relevant?
  • Does your post build trust?
  • Would your audience share your posts with their friends?
  • Would you want to see that post in your own newsfeed?


Story bumping 

Story bumping: (http://allfacebook.com/facebook-announces-story-bumping-and-other-small-changes-to-news-feed-algorithm_b123088  ). In short, these are stories that your audience probably didn’t scroll down to see. Now they can place on a friend’s newsfeed if they’re getting lots of engagement. This is currently being tested on desktops only, however.


What the Heck is Last Actor?

Trying to deliver what Facebook thinks you want to see, the site looks at the last 50 actions: posts, topics, friends, etc.  and delivers to your feed more of what you’re viewing currently. If you tend to look at or comment on mostly sports posts, Facebook will likely deliver you more posts on that topic than flower arranging.



Ugh. It’s starting to look like Twitter.

Hastags group like topics together. If you click on a hashtag it will link you to group of posts on that topic in a seemingly separate newsfeed all about that topic. Helpful for market research and targeting but to do it right, we recommend getting a bit of expert help at first.


Embedded Posts

You can now embed any post (from both pages or profiles) that is public to a non commercial website. Click upper right corner, click ‘embed post’ to embed on your site. Can embed on blog, too.


Ads & Contests

Lots of changes but you really should get expert help because it’s complicated. One major change is that you aren’t required to use an app to run contests now. But do know that if you don’t use an app you can’t capture information so the value is decreased.


Email Graphic for anytime emailsNEED HAND HOLDING OR EXPERT HELP?

We have the expert teams in social media as well as many other marketing services to support your growing business. 


P.S. Thanks to Amy Porterfield for translating some of this geek-to -English in her various webinars and classes this year. 


BIG OLE CAVEAT -When THE NEXT SET OF UPDATES are made by Facebook some of these items will work differently. Yep! That’s why we tear our hair out over this stuff – so you don’t have to.

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