Intuition, Neuroscience & Success

I’m drowning in news about neuroscience in business these days.

Here’s some insight and opinions, and our usual helpful tips below.

While I’ve been taking people on “Walks With Bliss” for years, it wasn’t until I’d guided dozens of clients through transformative realizations or changes that I learned that the brain makes better connections while walking – think bipedal motion, both halves of the brain aligning – later realizing it was just my intuition that stimulated testing of this idea.

It’s a great technique to think something through while walking, but without a guide bringing decades of experience and ideas, the neuroscience is meaningless.

As I watch business trends (my walks included!) validating their methods with neuroscience, I wonder how much we really know about brain science and how much is simply intuition. For a great book on neuroscience I suggest “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge.


I’ve recently been shown exactly why I rely so heavily on my intuition, like millions of other people. Is it wrong?

Reason and intuition both rely on experience and if they’re used in tandem, they generate great ideas and results. While many people would dismiss one’s intuitive ideas, it is really critical to have the intuitive idea long before one validates it with reasoning. Like a hypothesis, it’s the idea that comes before the proof.

I hope you’ll share your experiences bringing intuition to your work by leaving a comment below. Our company is lucky to have many clients with enormous talent in this area and we witness their successes, struggles and champion them in this article!

Perhaps we can bring more justification to this tactic by revealing how we use it to help those who deny it truly understand the value.

Here are a few examples. 

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